Halloween Home Decor Haul

I recently went shopping as I am planning on making my room more autumnal for the colder months typically my favourite stores to get home decor stuff from are TK Maxx or ASDA living, I knew I was pushing my luck by looking so early at the start of September but to my surprise there was Halloween stuff out already! I thought I would snag a couple of things as I am so ready for autumn and so over summer.


I went into TK Maxx and found some lovely Halloween finds the first one been a cute little knitted pumpkin which was very surprisingly cheap at the price of £4.99.


The next thing I spotted was a little sign with the word ‘nevermore ‘ now I don’t know about you but with both the crow and the word it reminded me of the Simpson’s Halloween special, this retailed for £2.99 so cheap!


Just behind the nevermore sign I spotted another larger sign with a bat on it and fell in love, as it was a tiny bit larger it retailed for £3.99 still so cheap oh how I love TK Maxx.


Last but not least I found the most adorable pumpkin fairy lights for £1 in pound land which I plan on putting them around my head board on my bed.




Thank you for reading!


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