21! Life update.

Recently my boyfriend’s 21st birthday has just passed and I wanted to share with you the amazing day we had from the giant custard cream cake to what I did to make his day so special.


Since 21 isn’t like any other birthday I decided I wanted to above and beyond to make Dylan’s day I went scouting Pinterest for gift inspirations for his day and I saw someone bought 21 presents as it was the person’s 21st birthday and I fell in love with the idea, so I went out hunting for 21 little gifts to label and give to him.


Dylan is a massive biscuit lover and last year for his birthday his cake was a giant Jaffa cake so when I came across a GIANT custard cream cake in ASDA I thought perfect! what better way than to keep up with tradition than to get another biscuit themed cake, I mean as soon as he saw the cake he instantly took a bite out of it…I think he liked it just a little.


At one point the day before I actually realised when counting the presents that I had missed number 15 out of the 21 presents not only that but I ran out of wrapping paper ( YIKES!!) I had to think quick on my feet and got crafty with the situation, I came up with the idea to get plain paper and go mad with some paint and a paint brush I was actually really pleased with the overall result.


As for the missing present number 15 I came up with the idea to paint Dylan a picture as we were both art students once I thought it would be a nice gift, Dylan is a massive nerd and loves anything Star Wars, Pokemon, Lego so I thought what better than to paint a Pokemon picture with the whole Pokemon Go hype that was going on recently.



Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!



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