Because I Love Wax: Review

Recently posted on my Instagram that I was looking for new wax home made companies to try that were based in the UK and the lovely because I love wax on Instagram sent me a direct message saying they would like to send me a little parcel containing some of their wax melts as a try before you buy. I honestly couldn’t say yes quick enough and thank you at the same time, is it a great idea to send out care packages to new customers because the problem with buying online is you never known what the product smells like especially with products like wax melts and candles.


I received my parcel in two days of the company contacting me which I thought was amazing, I didn’t even realise that the package had been delivered as I was expecting later on that week I only realised that it had come when I could smell something amazing in my room but I couldn’t put my finger on it, My mum then pointed out she had put a parcel in my room which made sense of where this wonderful smell was coming from.


I opened the parcel to find a little hand written note to me inside which was a lovely extra as it felt more personal as well as the note there were 5 different wax melts inside the box the scents I received were:

  • Dark Amber Magic
  • Rhubarb No Custard
  • Calming Chamonilla
  • Moonlight Stroll
  • Apple Dapple Danish

The rhubarb scent instantly reminded me of my mum she grows rhubarb in her garden and tells me how much she loved it as a child so instantly I put that wax melt on before anything else even the scent through the plastic was amazing.


As soon as I put the wax melt in the burner my whole room filled with fragrance but not to over powdering to the point it would give you a headache soon as the wax melt was completely melted the whole upstairs smelt amazing I can’t believe the scent throw of such a small product it was stronger than any Yankee candle wax melt I have burnt, I am for sure a returning customer when I used up the wax melts! another thing I will add is that I have reused the same wax melt more than once and it scent throw was still strong.


I am very thankful to Donna at because I love wax for sending me these wax melts and even though she sent me them for free the post was fast, the item was well packaged which was all in all really lovely, the website and social media to because I love wax is linked below.

website: http://www.becauseilove.co.uk/default.asp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/becauseilovewax/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/becauseilovewax/


Thank you for reading as a new blogger feedback in the comments is welcome!



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