Primark: Autumn Winter Haul

Admit it we all love a good trip to Primark as we never know what we may find, in my case the autumn winter stuff was out already which literally made me so happy, I love seeing whats in Primark by looking at blog posts or YouTube videos so here’s my little Primark haul.


The first thing that ended up been thrown in my basket was this beautiful tartan style shirt, I am really in to loose shirts this year and at the price of £6 I couldn’t say no!



I saw Zoella haul this item on YouTube and I instantly thought I have to have it, this cute little pinafore dress was £10.


The reason why I went into Primark was to buy some new underwear and oh boy was I shocked at how pretty the new underwear had got, this beautiful red set was £5!!! you saw that correctly £5!


I remember about 2 year ago back or so I had this beautiful wine red velvet dress which I have misplaced but I ADORED it around Christmas time so when I saw this beautiful little wine red velvet tee I could not put it in my basket quick enough! £6



No you’re not seeing double I did in fact buy the same dress in a different colour but it was £10 and again I couldn’t say no.


Last but not least is this beautiful navy blue bralet £4!


I know this was a short haul but thank you for reading, comments are always welcome.


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