Halloween Tag!

I know its not even October yet but spooky season is upon us so I am getting in the mood with this tag!

1. Favourite Halloween memory?

My favourite Halloween memory is when I was about 6 years old and I asked my mum to dress me as Mona the vampire as she was my favourite at the time my mum put pipe cleaners in my hair to make my hair stand up like Mona, no one knew who I was but I didn’t care I was so happy.

Image result for mona the vampire

2. Favourite Halloween movies or episodes?
Okay I have about three or four different films I LOVE to watch around Halloween:

The first been the nightmare before Christmas I know it is both Christmas and Halloween but I love it all the same.

The second would be Hocus Pocus now to shock you all I have only just found this film this year and I have to say I already love and have watched it 3/4 times.

Thirdly would be Monster house as you can tell I love family friendly films I am really not one for horror movies.

Image result for the nightmare before christmas
3. Favourite Halloween decoration?

I think this goes without saying but pumpkins, I have pumpkin fairy lights, glass pumpkins, knitted pumpkins and I lover carving them!

Image result for pumpkin carving

4. 1-10, how much do you love Halloween?

Image result for halloween love

5. What gets you into the Halloween spirit?

Honestly watching Halloween related movies and seeing decorations in store I get so excited!


6. Favourite Halloween/fall scent?

I think anything sweet and cinnamon is my favourite!


7. Favourite candy?
Halloween sweets has to be the little chocolate foil covered eyes and pumpkins I love them so much and I get them every year!

Image result for chocolate foil pumpkins

8. Haunted house or haunted hay ride?

Probably house even though anything like that scares me to death, HA do you get it death…

Image result for haunted house halloween

9. Would you rather walk through a graveyard at night or spend the night in a spooky abandoned house?

Walk through a graveyard I don’t think I would last three seconds in a abandoned house.

Image result for graveyard halloween

10. Werewolf or witch?


Image result for whitch

11. Weird/odd fear?

I’m 19 years old and I STILL sleep with a lamp on I am so scared of the dark or what could be in the dark…

12. Last but not least, do you believe in ghosts?

I do I think I have seen enough for me to believe there is something other than us here.


I hope this got you all excited for the spooky season ahead, as always thank you for reading!




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