September Favourties

Its time for a monthly favourites! Oh my god where has September gone?!


My first favourite of the month is this Essence radiant red maple double wick candle as you can see I have barely any left as I have been burning this pretty much every day as it literally smells like autumn in a candle.


The next favourite is The Library of Fragrance in the scent gingerbread I literally walk around smelling like a freshly baked gingerbread cookie and I couldn’t be  anymore happier about it!


These are strong favourite as I only got them at the start of September and as you can see by the perfume I have gone through them like no tomorrow, these are the Zoella beauty range products in sweet inspirations and scrubbing me softly I am obsessed with both I feel like the sweet inspirations paired with the gingerbread scent makes the perfect sweet warm scent for this time of year. The body scrub is good for when your body needs to TLC with the seasons changing and the colder weather coming.


Okay here is a random food favourite and that is biscoff biscuit spread, OH MY GOD GUYS I literally can’t with this it tasted amazing not to mention its vegan ( for any of you that are vegan ), I have it with toast and apple slices dipped it tasted amazing also.


The next favourite is a makeup one it’s this eye shadow pallet by make up revolution its the new-trals vs neutrals I love this pallet and with the warm toned reds and oranges are perfect for this time of year.


How could I do a favourite blog post without Lush?!? well I can’t I have so many go-to products with Lush but this one really stole it for me this month its the ocean salt face and body scrub ( another scrub I just LOVE them ) with the colder weather coming it really takes a toll on my skin and leaves dry I find this perfect for helping out with dry skin and problem area’s.



This was my first favourites blog post I am sure I will do more in the future, as always thank you for reading!

Mermaidmoonchild x


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