Lush Halloween Haul: 2016

Okay so Lush brought out their yearly Halloween range and I sort of fell into the Lush shop and I may have picked up a couples thing when I say a couple I mean EVERYTHING…

So the first thing I picked up is is Lord of Misrule and of course I had to pick up two with patchouli and and black pepper oil this spicy little guy is a firm favourite in the colder months. ( 2016 price: £3.95 ).

The next thing I pretty much ran to in store because I have seen so many demo’s and photos I had to have it, its the autumn leaf bath bomb! are the leaves turning near you or is summer still lingering well hop in the bath with this grass scented beauty and watch the seasons changed right before your eyes. ( 2016 price: £3.75)

Pumpkin bath bomb was the next one I came across in store and the one I was most excited for when I saw the new Halloween range, this sweet scented pumpkin pie will leave you drooling and wanting the real thing. Also each time I see this bath bomb I sing ‘ this is Halloween ‘ ( 2016 price: £3.95 )

Do the mash do the monster mash or in this case have a ball with monsters ball! filled with lime and neroli oils its the perfect bath bomb to get you rolling get it ROLLING HA… in the morning. ( 2016 price: £4.25 ).

BOO! no I didn’t intend to scare you it is just the name of this adorable spooky bath melt, although people have said it can be used as a bubble bar also filled with warming ginger this is bound to make you heated on those cold gloomy night. ( 2016 price: £3.50 )

This was the first Lush product I bought that got me hooked, the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar it got me hooked with its up lifted lime and sparkly its sure to make anyone hooked! (2016 price: 3.95 )

The last but not least is fire side soap this smells like sitting near an open fire or standing around a bonfire on bonfire night I just couldn’t pass it up as I am going to use it as my autumn/winter soap. (2016 price:£4.25 )


RUN get yourself to Lush and have yourself a spooky bath I hope you enjoyed this haul I know I enjoyed sniffing all the delightful products, as always thanks for reading.


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