Pumpkin Bath Bomb: Review

I finally used one of my pumpkin bath bombs so I thought I’d do a little review on them.

First off its amazing second of all its a amazing and thirdly its amazing…you need to get yourself on the Lush website or to the store and pick up a couple because I want to buy them all.


The bath bomb is supposed to smell like pumpkin pie but to my nose it smells like lemon or orange sherbet which I am not complaining about, when the bath bomb hits the water that smell is just released into the air filling the whole room.


Because this bath bomb is a REALLY intense fast fizzer once it hits the water I did not expect much in terms of bath art but I was wrong, once the bath bomb hits the water it explodes in to rich oranges and a vibrant yellow which form this beautiful swirl cloud within your water which almost resembles smoke.

After the bath bomb is done fizzing you are left this is beautiful deep burnt orange pumpkin colour and the water feels like pure silk, to say this is my first bath bomb from the Halloween range that I have tried it really has set the bar high and is a firm favourite.

2016 price: £3.95


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