Life Update: My Blog Turned One Month Old!

Here’s a little life update for you as I have had a busy week but on October 5th my blog turned a month old and I have gained over 20 followers for me that is massive achievement because when I started this blog I honestly thought no one would be interested in my little life. So here is a massive thank you to those who took their time to read and follow what I do!


I have had such a productive week I have had barely any time to sit down and think for myself so here is a couple of photos from my week and what I got up to, first of all I tried my first ever PPL and I am in love! not a massive coffee person but this is an exception.


The time I have had to myself I have been napping or going on Autumn walks honestly Autumn is my favourite season as much as I love Christmas Autumn will always have a special place in my heart. Speaking of Christmas I AM GOING TO DO BLOGMAS YASSS! I have already been planning what I am going to post and I really can’t wait to get started let me know if you are planning on doing blogmas also.


Just for your viewing satisfaction here is a photo of Betty the black cat who has been keeping me company a lot lately, my kind of therapy has four legs and a heart beat.


Here is a quick snap of me before college I did this Autumn/Fall inspired look using the pallet I featured in my favourites recently.


Finally I popped out to get some milk but instead I came back with my first pumpkins of the season, they’re so cute I can’t wait to carve them.

Let me know how your week went and are you excited for Halloween?

As always thank you for reading,




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