Lush Christmas Haul: October 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrrrrrr, well not quite yet Halloween hasn’t even passed yet but that doesn’t stop Lush from releasing their Christmas range early this year and oh what a wonderful range it is hence the early Christmas haul.


First up in this haul is the one I was most excited about because I didn’t get to try it in the past years it has been out, the design is lightly different but still as beautiful. That is the northern lights bath bomb which has strong notes of ylang ylang in and jasmine so a very floral number at that but this bath bomb will paint the night filled Christmas sky in your bath. £3.95


Is it a bird? is it a plane? no its shoot for the stars shooting across your bath water another bath bomb that I did try last year but has had a make over much like northern lights is the shoot for the stars bath bomb which is in the scent family honey I washed the kids, me personally I love the re-vamp and I can’t wait to see it in the water. £4.25


Next up is one everyone within the Lush community seems to be going mad for is the never mind the ballistics bath bomb/bath melt yes you read that right it is a bath bomb dipped in a bath melt talk about soft waters, not to mention how beautiful it is. £4.25


Kiss me under the mistletoe show me baby that you love me so…if you’re an old school Bieber fan girl like myself ( embarrassing ) you will know where that is from, next up is mistletoe bath bomb which personally I was most excited for. As you can imagine this bath bomb is very floral and from what I have heard it has a hidden surprise of colour. £4.25


You better watch out you better not cry you better not pout i’m telling you why Santa claws is coming to town or in this case father Christmas in bath bomb form in your local Lush store,  this jolly little face is snow fairy scented a firm favourite around the holidays from Lush. £3.75


Another star themed bath bomb but this one is much simple and plain in comparison to the gold and blue glitter ball which is shoot for the stars, not all people want a glitter filled bath and Lush take that in to account here is the very cute star dust bath bomb. £2.95


A bath bomb that fits into a fairy tale perfectly has had a re-vamp this year but still has kept it’s sweet crisp granny smith apple scent and that is the so white bath bomb, from demo’s I have seen on online this bath bomb is no longer red on the inside but green to match the beautiful leaf detail on the outside of the bomb. £3.75

so white.jpg

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles Lush have so many beautiful and magical bubble bars in their Christmas range this year on which I plan on trying every single one but for now I choose a firm favourite of mine strawberry scented peeping Santa which normally has two eyes but mine is clearly winking at me and only peeping at me with one eye £3.95. His little friend is the Christmas penguin bubble bar which is the cutest Lush product I have seen in a long time £3.95


Okay so now onto the none Christmas items which my sister wanted for her children of course I helped her pick out some great Lush regular line staples first up the experimenter this bath bomb is perfect for children as it fills the tub with gorgeous rainbow like colours. £4.25

The next bomb she choose out herself I love the smell of lemongrass with this product but it doesn’t wow me that much this is dragons egg bath bomb £3.75.

dragons egg.jpg  Perfect for babies and children is the ickle baby bot bath bomb and one of the cheapest in the regular line £1.95

baby bot.jpg

Finally Lush are so kind when it comes to their customers and send samples with orders upon request I only asked for two samples but they kindly sent me five!!! I asked for coal face as I wanted to see how a face soap would work for me and Santa’s post box soap as I really wanted to smell it before I bought it. These are the samples Lush sent me:

  • coal face soap
  • fresh farmcay soap
  • Santa’s post box soap
  • reindeer rock soap
  • hair custard


As always thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed the haul,




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