Top 5: Cruelty Free Beauty Advent Calendars

I know it’s only October but within the matter of not even two weeks it’s going to be November which means everything is very much Christmas and holiday focused and you know what that means CHOCOLATE ADVENT CALENDARS!!! but as well as chocolate cosmetic companies bring out their own advent calendars as a grown up alternative to the chocolate ones. But lets be honest I am never going to be too old for a chocolate advent calendar, anyway most advent calendars beauty wise tend to sell out the month before Christmas, so I thought I’d help you choose yours before its gone forever. Here is my top 5 beauty advent calendars of 2016, number one been my favourite and five been least but still a favourite:


Number five  is a brand I came across this year whilst browsing Superdrug’s Christmas range the brand is called flutter and has the cutest packaging and to my surprise when I looked at the back to see if it was cruelty free or not it had the leeping bunny logo and said it was suitable for vegans! They have an advent calendar called Flutter beauty advent calendar it has 24 mini makeup surprises and retails for £12 but is currently on sale for £8!

You can buy yours here:



Number four is The Body Shop 24 happy days calendar they have 3 to choose from this year but I went with the cheapest as I know not everyone can afford to spend £100 on just an advent calendar, disclaimer The body shop are cruelty free but their parent company isn’t, Just thought I would let you know in case people are concerned when it comes to parent companies. This calendar retails for £60 but has £106 worth of products inside!

You can purchase it here:



Number 3 is something I am considering getting after seeing her YouTube video talking about it and that is indeed Tanya Burr’s 12 day of beauty advent calendar, so you don’t get the full 24 days but it is still a beautiful advent calendar this retails for £25 but is currently on sale in Superdrug  for £15.

You can purchase yours here:



Number two is Lush of course I had to feature Lush in this! Lush have a gift set called the 12 days of Christmas which to me is an advent calendar and something that I have on my Christmas wish list as all the product in the set are amazing! £52.95

You can buy yours here:



Makeup revolution beauty advent calendar which retails for £40 but is currently on sale online at Superdrug for £30, this is the beauty calendar I have gone for this year not only because I love the brand but because it has 25 full size makeup products!

You can buy it here:


As always thank you for reading and if you decide to get any of these calendars let me know what you picked!




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