Life Update 3: Anddddd Relax

I love doing these little life updates and sharing photographs with you and I really love reading them to, I have decided to start numbering them to to see how many I can get to in the future.

So after weeks and weeks of none stop college work and doing cover work at work which had me awake at 4am every morning to start, I finally have have term and booked a week off work so I can just breathe and relax. I felt like I have been trying to keep my head above water these last couple weeks and the stress has been a nightmare so ten days off is well needed and deserved.


First of all I felt like these past couple of week I have been wearing next to no makeup so to dust off my eye shadow pallets and use them again just felt great I love heavy makeup and it makes me sad that I have no time to create really cool Halloween looks this year as I have no time.

Also I finally got the chance to bake again, I didn’t blog about it as it was a first attempt at a cake so I don’t feel like I was in any place to give instructions or advice to anyone else. I made a pumpkin surprise cake when you cut it chocolate sweets came out the middle, not bad for my first time ay!!


Also last week I officially started Christmas shopping and picked up some great presents already I love getting an early start on presents and with all the great gift sets already out its hard to say no really isn’t it, whilst Christmas shopping I came across these GIANT pumpkins in Tesco and oh my they were bigger then my head.


With the weather getting colder my dog starts to suffer with pains in her legs in her old age so I bought her a new blanket and jumper and gave her a nice warm bath now she is all warm and snug. The jumper was Β£2.99 from b n m and the blanket was the same price I think from home bargains and it was Christmas themed I couldn’t help myself.


This week off has given me so much more time to blog so expect more posts but I think after this week I am going to stick to weekend blog posts! until December where I will blog daily for you, but for now a hot water bottle, some green tea and a Lush bath is all I could ever ask for to relax.


As always thank you for reading, let me know what you are doing this week!




5 thoughts on “Life Update 3: Anddddd Relax

  1. It’s great to have a relaxing week from time to time. That cake looks amazing – your baking always impresses me! Loved the idea of a ‘surprise’ inside! An aw, your dog was so beautiful and cute, I hope she’s doing fine❀️ My week is the opposite of relaxing – so much school and I have to read to this very important test that I have at the end of the week. Love these kind of life updates – glad you’ll keep doing them xx

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