Fall Favourites Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Ingrid over at https://ingsepingse.wordpress.com/ to do the ‘fall favourites tag ‘ and I couldn’t think of a better tag for me to do because if you couldn’t already tell autumn or fall is my favourite time of  the year. I love waking up to cool crisp mornings with the beautiful orange and red leafs crunching beneath my feet.

1. Favourite candle:

I have so many different scents and they changed by the month of what I like to burn but currently I have been burning the candle ‘ Halloween ‘ and ‘pumpkin pit stop ‘.


2. Favourite lip product:

The lip product I have been loving is actually from Primark its one of there matte liquid lipsticks in the shade ‘Karla’, its a lovely matte brown colour.



3. Favourite nail polish:

This was a hard one because I basically never have nice nails due to my job but when I do I tend to go for deep reds or black, but recently I have fallen in love with a nail varnish from Barry M called ‘ mustard ‘.


4. Favourite shoes:

My favourite shoes are these chunky platform boots I got from New Look last Christmas I love big chunky shoes in the autumn/winter months.


5. Favourite accessory:

I have two favourite accessories one of them is a huge snugly tartan scarf I recently hauled in one of my blog posts I have been wearing it none stop and black hat I always wear in the autumn months.




6. Halloween or Thanksgiving:

In the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving which is sad because I see a lot of American YouTubers  vlogging it not only does it looks like a lovely time to be around friends and family but you remember everything you are thankful for. But because we don’t have it in the UK I have to go with Halloween which I love and look forward to each year but my favourite holiday will always be Christmas.


7.Favourite drink:

I have to say different types of hot chocolate I love all the flavours you can get and one of my favourite things to do on a cold fall evening is snuggle up with one.

8.Favourite part of fall:

Honestly the festive holidays that come with it such as Halloween and bonfire night I just love everything about this season I love the cold crisp air on morning when I walk to work or college and the colours of the trees changing around me.


I want to tag https://omggeorgina.wordpress.com/ to do this tag!

As always thank you for reading, comment ect!















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