Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to my fellow bloggers! I hope you are having a lovely yet spooky Halloween, I apologies for the lack of blog post this weekend but I was having a Halloween filled weekend so I just thought I would come on here and share with you my Halloween adventures.

So on Friday I spent the whole evening baking Halloween treats ( there is a blog post about these cookies if you ever want to make them for yourself ) for a family member’s party they were having for some children, so I thought I would help out and make some spooky cookies for the kids. Overall I made 40+ cookies which took me about five hours after letting them cool and this mixture has to chill or an hour or so.


On Saturday I didn’t plan on doing much but other than taking the cookies to the Halloween party late on the evening, but it was Halloween weekend I though OH sod it! I’ll get dressed up for the heck of it so after many hours on Pinterest I decided on going as a gypsy/fortune teller. I had no idea what I was planning on doing I just went with the flow and did what felt right, after doing my makeup I ended up attempting to make Dylan in to some sort of dead zombie like Edward scissor hands.



I ended up going out into town to this massive Halloween party at this event called trap door, sadly I have no photographs of the night as I was far too busy dancing and singing to Halloween songs some of the costumes were out of this world and beat mine by miles but I got lots of compliments on my makeup which was lovely. One couple even went as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas I was mesmerised by their costumes.

Finally Sunday rolled around and the thought of my week off work was ending didn’t bother me as I was so relaxed and content so I thought what better way then to end a perfect Halloween weekend then carve some pumpkins!!! Myself, Dylan and my little sister Ava did some pumpkin carving well…Ava helped us scoop out all the pumpkin guts and she drew a face on the pumpkin then we carved it for her. Seeing Dylan and Ava together melted my heart I just had to photograph it and Ava was so pleased with her pumpkin.


So what did you do for this Halloween weekend? or what are doing for Halloween? I think for the rest of the night I am going to cosy up with some green tea and watch some YouTube.

As always thanks for reading, let me know what your Halloween plans are!




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