October Favourites

I can’t believe I am doing another monthly favourites already, it felt like I blinked and October was over! anyway here is everything I have been loving this month!


First off has to be my FAVOURITE things for the month and that is the great British bake off, it made my mid-week more bearable and actually inspired me to bake myself so i’m really sad that the show is over and the fact another channel bought the show, so the show is never going to be the same again boooo :(!!


One thing that has really kept me sane throughout all the college work and cover work for my job is a relaxing bath and reading Zoella’s book, girl online no spoilers from me but if you ever see it in store please give it a read it features everything I love New York, Christmas and a love story.


I don’t know about you but one thing I love doing before bed is cuddling up and watching my favourite YouTuber’s, through the month of October Bunny aka Grav3yardgirl posted a video every single day for what she likes to call ‘ vlogoween ‘ and its fair to say I loved seeing her name pop up everyday in my subscribion box.


Finally for entertainment this past month I have been loving re-watching American Horror Story murder house, I mean it has Evan Peters in it and a great story line plus not to mention whats a better thing to watch around Halloween?


Beauty Products:

One thing that hasn’t left my bag since I purchased it is Zoella’s hungry hands hand cream, the packaging is adorable and its GINGERBREAD SCENTED!!! whats not to love.


Sticking to the Zoella theme here I also recently picked up her hand sanitiser, which smells amazing.


No favourites would be complete with out me saying how much I loved a Lush product and to be honest I couldn’t pick just one so I chose the whole Halloween range, there wasn’t one bath bomb or bubble bar I disliked this time round.


Finally last month I have been loving the colder weather which meant I could layer clothing and my favourite thing to wear lately is wine red clothing because in the back of my mind I have been pondering about Christmas, so all I have been wanting to do is wear red lipstick and get festive.


As always thank you for reading! whats one thing you have been loving in October?




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