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Tattoo Talk #1

So as some of you have already noticed I have a couple of tattoos so I thought I’d show them off and tell you a bit more about them and why I got them. I plan on getting more tattoos so I will do tattoo updates for you, I’ll be doing them in the order of the first one I got to my most recent one.


My first tattoo is on my ankle I really love traditional style tattoos and I really wanted a cat sat on a moon for some time, I actually got this tattoo to ‘ test ‘ the pain of what getting a tattoo felt like because I had a full thigh piece booked a couple weeks after this. Pain wise I would give this a 6/10.

Tattoo done at road house tattoo Saltaire by james, you can visit his Instagram here.



Tattoo number two was my full colour thigh piece that took 5 whole hours straight to complete it, out of all my tattoos ever this one will be one of the most meaningful ones I will ever have. My thigh piece is of my  past pet ferret Ed he sadly died last year after having in my life for 10 years and forming such a bond  with him I felt like I couldn’t not have in my life so now I have him on my body for the rest of my life. pain wise 4/10 my thigh was the least painful tattoo I have had, it did get a little sore after the 5 hours but other than that it wasn’t bad at all.

Tattoo one at Red tattoo Leeds by Lucy you can visit her Instgram here.



Tattoo number three is my current favourite tattoo this time last year I was pondering on and off if to get a gremlins style tattoo, I love the film and Gizmo melts my heart each time I see him I decided after Christmas I would treat myself to a gremlins tattoo and that is when I got Gizmo. Pain wise it wasn’t bad at all it barely hurt and I was so pleased with outcome.

Tattoo done at Cobra club Leeds by Danny you can visit his Instagram here.



Tattoo number four and my last tattoo, for now hahaha I plan on been covered neck to toe in the future, is one which is also really meaningful in January of this year I made the decision to go vegetarian because I was calling myself an animal lover yet paying for them to be killed just for the sake of my taste buds which I don’t agree on. Anyone who knows me personally knows I love animals very much and any harm brought to them makes my heart break so I got a tattoo of a human hand holding a animal paw, a panther paw to be exact because I wanted to stick with the traditional style theme I am wanting on my arms. The tattoo represents for me that animals are here with us not for us, and animals  do not have a voice so I will be their voice and stand by them against cruelty towards them. Pain wise this was my most painful tattoo 8/10, the needles were a lot thicker than any of my other tattoos I have had so maybe that had something to do with it.

Tattoo done at Odd fellows tattoo in Leeds by Tom you can visit his Instagram here.


As always thank you for reading, do you have any tattoos?




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