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Five Ways To Wind Down

We all know that life can get hectic  and we sometimes forgot to look after ourselves and wind down.

Being a part time business student, having a job and trying to balance a blog can all get too much for me so here’s 5 ways I like to have ‘ me time ‘.

 1.Relax, take a bath: 

After a long hard and very stressful day the first thing I like to do is run myself a lovely warm bubble bath and surround myself with candles, but of course it HAS to be a Lush bath. I feel like a long soak really soothes your body and mind as both your muscles relax from the hot water and your mind lets go of today’s worries.

2. Get lost in a book: 

There is nothing better than sitting in on a cold winters night cuddled up with your blanket and hot chocolate with a book, its the perfect way to wind down. Plus when you read a book you forgot about the world around you for a little while and feel like the pages of the book have almost pulled you into them and it feels like you are living the story when you play it out in your head.

3. YouTube before bed: 

I do this every night with out fail I get in bed and pull my laptop open and quickly open YouTube, I love long vlogs and catching up on any YouTuber gossip! Recently I have found myself re-watching Zoe’s vlogmas and loving every part of it again.

4. A long walk can clear your mind:

Come rain or shine a walk in the woods with your dog can be the perfect therapy you have been looking for, each season holds its own beauty so your scenery will never be dull. A long walk can really help you forgot your stress and clear your head.

5. Baking up sweet treats:

I recently found my love of baking and how it made me feel like I was been productive but relaxed at the same time, plus at the end of baking you get to serve up some yummy treats!

I hope this blog post helped you wind down because I know stressful daily life tasks can get, don’t worry you have got this!!

As always thank you for reading,




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