Ask Me Anything: Q&A

So I put out about a week ago now that I wanted to do a Q&A and some of you lovely lot asked me some great things, i’ll be answering all of them in this post.

If I am going to be totally honest my dream job would be to either work for Lush because I love what the company stands for in terms of fighting against animal testing, or I would love to be a full time YouTuber, I mean if any of you follow me on Twitter you would of seen that I used to do YouTube and I stopped, its one of my biggest regrets.

One company I use every day is makeup revolution, I have used them for years and my favourite products from them is the eye shadow pallets and their liquid lipsticks.

This is a hard one hmmm, I would probably go back my younger self and tell myself that I can do it and not to give up on YouTube and to ignore what people think, all that matters is that your happy and to surround myself with postie people.

I think this is referring to Lush? if so then my favourite exclusive shower gel that I have tried is, sonic death monkey because it smells like chocolate and coffee and is the PERFECT thing to wake you up in the morning.

My favourite Lush product is probably the golden wonder bath bomb because it was the first bath bomb I tried from Lush, so it holds a little place in my heart. As I said before Lush would be a dream job of mine, I just LOVE it.


I would like to think I will see myself in my own home with my boyfriend, hopefully married with a little family or dog, working in what I would consider as my dream job and still writing on this blog!

Honestly this sounds so typical because so many people say it, but New York at Christmas time. For anyone who knows me knows I love Christmas and to be able to jet off for a week or so and see all the lights and the tree would be a dream come true. Also I love you too!

For my future blogging goals I would like to get better lighting and a camera for my photographs, to improve my blogs content. My favourite thing about Christmas is been around my family on the day and everyone is so happy and so smiley, this year we have over 15 people coming for Christmas and I really can’t wait. My favourite Christmas food would be mince pies and all the chocolate you get out of the selection boxes, yummm.

My top five favourite scents from the Lush Christmas range are probably:

  1. The magic of Christmas bubble bar
  2. Lord of Misrule shower cream
  3. Golden wonder bath bomb
  4. Peeping Santa bubble bar
  5. Santa’s belly shower jelly


Thank you to everyone who asked me questions for this posts, as always thank you for reading,





4 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything: Q&A

  1. For some reason I could only see the answers and not the questions, but the answers were really fun to read! I would looove Christmas in New York as well, looks amazing 🎄❄️ And wow, you’re going to be so many for Christmas, we’re usually around 6, but my family is really small! Great post ❤️

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