Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Room Tour

Although I am still yet to do a normal room tour, I couldn’t not show you my beautiful Christmas decor this year. Every year I make my room feel magical by attacking with tinsel and fairy lights, warning this is basically just a photo heavy post.

So when you first walk into my room the first thing you see on this little table is my Makeup Revolution advent calendar, I also have a chocolate one which is downstairs.

After that is my mirror which I placed some tinsel around to add a festive touch.

I then have my boyfriends stocking on my draws as I like to make him up a stocking for Christmas, on top of my draws I have a winter candle lit.

To my TV area I added two litttle lanturns with little Christmas trees on to either side and some snowflake fairy lights to give it that magic touch.

Then onto my favourtie part of my room which is my Lush collection/shelf, I added some little decorations to make it more festive.

Finally on to the best part of my room at Christmas, my Christmas tree which I keep all the gifts I have got people under.

I also changed my bedding to winter bedding and bought myself a Christmas pillow.

Because I have so many fairy lights I also took some photos when it got dark, so you could really see the full effect.

Sorry for the low light grainy photos my Iphone doesn’t handle dark photos very well!

As always thank you for reading,




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