Blogmas Day 11: Gift Wrap Ideas

There is nothing I love more then getting creative when it comes to gift wrapping my Christmas presents, over the years I have got more and more creative with my presents and I love to see peoples reaction when I past them a present that looks like it was gift wrapped by Santa himself. Here are a couple ideas I have done this year, I thought I would share them with you in hope they will inspire you to get creative with your gift wrapping this year.

Brown paper packages tied up with stringsss, and adding a little bit of cinnamon or a little decoration in the centre of the bow really brings a festive touch to the present.

Or even adding a simple stick on bow with some matching ribbon can make any present look beautiful, I went for a brown, red and gold theme.

Adding something to the middle of the bow they can either eat or use it a cute touch, I went for a candy cane and a wooden ornament.

If you can get your hands on stuff such as dried oranges and fake holly, or berries it really adds a magical touch to the presents.

Sometimes a big old bow is the perfect thing, ribbon and little touches are really inexpensive.

As always thank you for reading,





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