Blogmas Day 13: 3 Festive YouTuber’s You Have To Watch

We all love to snuggle up in bed with YouTube on but when December rolls around YouTubers content can get really festive and put you in the mood for Christmas, here are my top 3 YouTubers to watch when the festive season hits.



First up is Tanya Burr’s vlogmas there are so many people doing vlogmas this year it’s really hard to stay on top if them all, but I usually choose 2-3 YouTubers to watch so I can fully enjoy them all. Tanya’s vlogmas is so perfect to get you in the festive spirit as you follow her around throughout her December, I love watching her put up the tree, seeing her little doggy and all the festive shenanigans she gets up to. You can watch Tanya’s vlogmas here.

Image result for tanya burr vlogmas


Now this is coming as no suprised but Zoella is one of the MOST festive people I have ever come across on YouTube and she reminds me of myself because I am mad on Christmas and decorations just like her, her 24 days of Zoella series is just what you need to watch to put you in the mood for Christmas. You can watch Zoe here.

Image result for 24 days of zoella intro


Number one is someone who I think is so underrated on YouTube, he puts in so much work into his content I feel like his subscribers should be double what they are. It is David Di Franco I came across him when looking for festive videos to watch and oh boy did I find a cracker HA do you get it cracker, anyway David films his entire Christmas day in one vlog and his family are so happy and postive its a delight to watch. You can check out David’s channel here.

Image result for david di franco christmas

If you have any YouTube recommendations I would love to hear them, as always thank you for reading & merry Christmas.




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