Blogmas Day 21: Christmas Memories

I was looking through old photographs with my mum and came across some old photos from Christmas day when I was 7/8 I can’t remember exactly,  I thought I would share some of the Christmas memories from my childhood with you.

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I was very grateful as a child to get presents and what I asked but that was my mum’s time to spoil me as she never really got us much throughout the year, my mum was a single parent of four and worked but off to make are Christmas magical. Although as I have grown I have learnt Christmas is not about the presents, its about family.

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We was in the school play at primary school in the photo above is my younger brother Callum as a Sheppard he was two years below me but our primary school kind of put all the different years together for the nativity, I was angel Gabriel in the play I remember having a tinsel halo and a pretty white dress with wings.

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Me and my brother Callum would always wake up at like 5 in the morning sneak downstairs to see if Santa had been by looking to see if our presents were under the tree and if they were we would argue about who would wake up mum, it was always me who used to run into my mums room and shout that Santa has been. Now I look back on it I feel sorry for my mum because she was up until 1 or 2 in the morning prepping the Christmas dinner and putting the presents out…I mean helping Santa put the presents out.

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I promise you I don’t have a bowl haircut on these photos I used to wear my hair in one big braid at the back of my head with a fringe as my hair was really long, I remember this Christmas as if it was yesterday I remember opening my Furby that was all the rage when I was younger and been so happy and excited over it.

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I look at these photos and think how can they be over 7 year ago the memories are still fresh in my mind when I think back to it, I remember my older sister was a teenager and you know what teenagers are like they hate getting up early so I took my robot dog and made it walk into her room baking loud barking and crying noises. Its fair to say she wasn’t happy but she couldn’t stay mad at me for long after all it was Christmas, me and Callum were always equal no one had more than the other and sometimes I used to get more excited for some of his toys over mine.

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Okay lets fast forward a year from the other photos to these, remember in my Christmas tag blog post I talk about how my favourite present ever was a polly pocket boat well here is me with it. On the photo I look so unhappy but I can tell you now I didn’t put that thing down all day I loved it so much, as for Callum he looks so cute and proud next to his toys he still actually has some of those toys away in boxes.

As always thank you for reading & Merry Christmas,




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