Blogmas Day 23: My New Years Resolution

So new years is swiftly coming towards us and I have been thinking what can I have as my new year resolution, and to be honest it wasn’t hard to come up with some I will call 2017 the year of self care for me well because I barely spent any time on my self this past year, even small things like painting my nails or just getting my hair done never happened it was rare because I was always putting things like college and work before me.

I also want to to start taking blogging more serious I mean I already do but these last couple of months were like a little trail to see if blogging was really for me and I can tell you that I have never felt more comfortable in this little community I have found myself in, but in terms of taking it it serious I want to invest in a camera for my blog photos because at the moment its just little me with my IPhone 5 camera.

Another thing I want to do is introduce healthier food into my life because currently I have chocolate everyday which I mean I know its Christmas but my poor diet has been making feel sluggish and tired so I feel like introducing more greens will just do my body right, but this isn’t about me wanting to loose weight by changing my diet because if there is one thing I took from 2016 is to love my self more and to love my body.

What are your plans for the new year?

As always thank you for reading & Merry Christmas





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