Goals for 2017?

I have a couple of goals in mind for 2017 and they are all reachable if I put the time and effort into them, some of them will be very hard for me in terms of mental health issues but its something I have been ignoring for a while and need to overcome.

Goal One:

Goal one is for me to start taking blogging more serious I mean start paying for my blog yearly and putting  effort into my photos, I plan on investing in a good camera and lighting I can work with for blog photos because well currently it me and my little IPhone 5 camera and the natural day light.

Goal Two:

LOVE MYSELF this is one of those things which has become hard for me as I have gained and lost weight on and off over the past couple years but I can’t remember a single year I didn’t throw a negative comment at myself and well that is no way to live, a quote I need to learn to live by is ‘ a negative mind will never give you a positive life. ‘

Goal Three:

Get a new job I mean I am okay in my current job but getting up at 5 each morning makes me a very tired person and when I should be out and about shooting blog photos or socialising I am napping, I currently live the life of a 80 year old instead of 19 so something needs to changed.

Goal Four:

Overcome my anxiety this really ties in with getting another job I am SO terrified of job interviews and been reject and FIRST DAYS AT A NEW JOB OH GOSH! that I want to avoid it all together but 2017 is where I am stepping out of my comfort zone and when I do things that scare me I will see that actually..the things that terrified me the most are not that bad.

Goal Five:

Become more active this can be going on long walks or just doing weekly work outs, I used to work out but just stopped and when I was more active I felt so much more alive and driven, but currently I feel like a slug a very slow mover and I eat everything I see…I mean it is Christmas after all haha!

As always thank you for reading,




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