Alumine Skin Care Review

Hello everyone! its a new year so that means new skin care..well for me anyway I have been using the ASDA own brand skin care for over a year now because well it worked for my skin, and is cruelty free but as of late it was about time I put my money where my mouth is and invest in some higher end skin care. I mean we only have one body we all should put a little extra care into it, I came across Alumine from my partners sister who current sells all these products featured in this post and many more.

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Exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub:

One thing I CAN NOT live without is a good facial scrub but in past experiences I have found it hard to find one that doesn’t break me out so easy, one thing I adore about this product is how little you really need to cover your whole face, I used a tiny blob as shown in the photograph below and was blown away at the fact a little bit really does go along way. I have been using this product for about two week and my skin has already started to show signs of clearing up and after all the chocolate and bad things I have consumed over the Christmas period you would of thought I would be dealing with the worlds worst biggest break out right now but i’m not and the only thing I have changed is my skin care, so I am definitely putting down to these new products. The only down side to this product is how much I want to eat it because it smells so beautiful and really that is not a downfall at all, it smells like sweet baking with a hint of pumpkin.

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Detoxifying citrus C cleanser:

This cleanser really does go hand in hand with the pumpkin facial scrub not in terms of scent but in benefits for your skin, I was dazzled again by how little you really need of the product to cover your entire face. I use the cleanser to remove makeup and if you know me I wear full on full face and heavy eye make up before I started using this product I was literally going throw like 5 baby wipes just to get my face completely clean, but now all I need is the smallest amount of this product, warm water and a face cloth. I was ecstatic the first time I tried this product and how easily it removed my makeup, the best part about it was I did not feel the need to moisturise after using it, also did I mention any little beads found within any Alumine products are biodegradable so they won’t have any harm on our sea life.

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Goji berry amplifying treatment mist:

This product is astonishing and a life saver on my very thick hair I use this after I have finished washing my hair I simple spray it all over and comb it through my hair before blow drying, this product really does help in the process of de-tangling my hair after washing it. It also adds body and gives your hair a boost which I love if you have thick heavy hair yourself you will know how hard it is to achieve some volume in it without adding endless amount of products, and the scent of this is very fresh and stays in your hair which I love because I get waves of the scent throughout my day which is a lovely touch. Did I mention these products are COMPLETELY vegan no animal was harmed in the process of making these mind blowing products, which is amazing and what I look for within a product now.

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If you are interested in any of these products or wanting to learn more I shall  leave links to Charlotte’s web page below, disclaimer I was not paid to review these products nor was I sent them for free my opinion is completely honest and my own.

Charlotte’s Facebook page is linked here.

Shop Alumine through Charlotte here.

As always thank you for reading!




4 thoughts on “Alumine Skin Care Review

  1. oh wow, these products sound really good! i’m never sure with skin care products because I don’t know how my skin will react but this is tempting and I would love to try this brand out! my skin could do with some pamper haha x

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    1. My skin is really oily and sensitive if that helps and these products work just fine on my skin! I wish I got before and after photos because the results shocked me! Honestly recently I have been paying more money into my makeup and skin care and the difference is crazy and so worth the money xxx

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