Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review

Hello everyone! even though its only been a week since my last blog post I still feel like it has been forever and I am thinking of dropping my schedule of twice a week, but we will see. ANYWAY! lets get into the the blog post if you know me I absolutely adore Jeffree Star as a makeup artist and a person, so when I got his pallet for Christmas its fair to say I was more than excited about it.



First up lets talk about the packaging now pink just isn’t me but its SO Jeffree its perfect and I admire how unique the packaging is and how much it just screams Jeffree, the eye shadow pans are massive in comparison to other makeup brands I have used in the past but that doesn’t surprise me have you seen the size of his highlighter pans? for Jeffree its go big or go home. I love the gold and pink together on the packaging and the shade names are so personal to Jeffree I love it, for anyone who doesn’t know beauty killer is actually a song by Jeffree back from his music days.



Okay now lets get into the palette itself you get 10 jaw dropping shades within this pallet with 3 different formulas to the shades, matte, frost and glitter. Can we just stop for a second and talk about how versatile these shades are you could create a summer, winter, day or evening look with this pallet and that’s what I look for in a product something I know I will personally use and not let it sit on a shelf and collect dust. I find with some matte shades in palettes I have used within the past to be very chalky but I didn’t get that with these matte shades they were smooth and blended to perfection, the frost shades when you swatch them with your finger feel like butter because they are so soft its incredible and they melt in to your skin like magic, as for the glitter shades can we talk about HIGH PIGMENT! with or without setting spray these glitter eye shadows are blinding!!


I did an eye makeup look yesterday using the shades Courtney which is beautiful crease and transition colour paired with confession in the crease and rich bitch all over the lid, and I got so many compliments on my blending skills when really the eye shadows did all the work. If I had to pick a favourite from the pallet I couldn’t there is not one single shade I would not wear, and I cannot wait for summer so I can use star power..come through pink eyelids.



So the beauty killer palette retails for £40/$45 and I think it is SO worth the money with the eye shadow pan size being bigger then your average one and the pigment formula blends to perfection what more could you want?, all of Jeffree’s cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free which you all know by now I stand against animal testing so when I herd Jeffree’s brand was in fact vegan I sang his praises for sure.


You can shop Jeffree’s brand US here or UK here!

As always thank you for reading, until next time.





19 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review

  1. I always wanted to try his liquid lipsticks, I haven’t gotten the chance but I will this year. That palette is so beautiful, crazy colors so owning this will get me out of my zone. I remember his music days i used to be obsessed

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