Instagram Weekly Round Up #2

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely joy filled week with lots of snow as I saw most people on my Instagram feed get loads of snow, me however I barely got any but I am kinda over winter and wanting spring to come now, I have moved my weekly Insta round ups to Monday as I just feel like it will help me beat the Monday blues by posting.

9-15th of January.


It was such a gloomy rainy day this past Monday that all I wanted to do was run a hot bubble bath and finally burn my Zoella ginger bread village, I really love the ginger bread scent range from Zoella beauty.


Motivation for the week I love to screenshot and upload my favourite quotes that keep motivated and positive, I used to have a really bad mindset where I didn’t believe in myself and saw the bad in everything it has taken me years to shift this frame of mind and for the past year and bit I have have been working on bettering myself and staying positive.


I finally used my Tanya Burr palette that I got for Christmas and I was obsessed with how easy the shades went together as a perfect everyday look, I actually tweeted about this with a photo of the palette, and Tanya herself retweeted it so I kinda lost my cool and my twitter blew up literally overnight I totally did not fan girl ok..


This is actually a throw back to summer of last year at the seaside with Dylan this week has been full of rain and it made me miss summer so much I just went back through my photos and found this, I really can’t wait for this summer as I found myself more comfortable in my body to wear what I want which I have always struggled with in the past.


I literally went from having two Zoella beauty products to this thanks to Christmas I am so grateful and I really can’t wait to try out all her bath products, plus have you seen the mini’s at the front SO CUTE.


I feel like i took 100 photographs of this Jeffree Star palette probably because I waited so long to get so now I have it it’s like my pride and joy hahah, I am literally DYING to see his second palette come out soon.


I am going to very vain and say I love my legs so much more since having my tattoos the more I get the more comfortable I feel with myself, I really can’t describe it other than I don’t feel the need to hide my body anymore because its covered in beautiful art.


I have a ton of art and tattoo prints from last year that needed framing and putting up and I finally got round to it this one in particular is a favourite of mine, its a neo-traditional cat skull painted by Daryl Watson tattoo.

As always thank you for reading, until next time.



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