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Letting Go Of Toxic People

I have been thinking about writing this for a while now because I have personal experience with this subject matter and I have noticed lately people holding on to someone who dims they’re sparkle and it hurts to see that, because anyone who truly cares they will want you to shine like the brightest star in the sky.


About three year ago now I started to bloom and become more myself I started to realise my self worth and how much certain people in my life wanted to suppress, crush me as I bloomed because they didn’t like it and I realised it is not okay to be walked all over when all you have offered is kindness. This person who shall not be named was a best friend of mine for many years and because of all those memories and years spent with one another I thought it was okay to let them manipulate and almost control what I did and most of the time what they wanted me to do was only for their benefit. When I started to thrive because I was finding myself and blossoming into someone who I was proud to be, they didn’t like it they said I changed but for the worst and they didn’t like who I was so for the longest time I suppressed my passion for them so they were happy but I wasn’t.


I held onto that friendship with every last mental string in my mind that I could because in the back of my mind I thought they would change or maybe grow with me as a person, but they never do and you have to learn that its okay to out grow people and bloom on your own. I still think about them and sometimes pass them in the street and my heart aches a little because all of the fun memories we shared come back but towards the end of the friendship the bad always out weighed the good I haven’t spoken or herd from this person in three years but I truly hope they have flourished into happiness and they have grown now, you can’t change people they have to change themselves. I remember what it felt like to let go I had a weight taken off my shoulders and I become such a positive changed person from that moment on I vowed to only surround myself with the kindest most supportive people, life is to short for negativity.


Its okay to let go of toxic people even if that person is a friend, lover or family you can’t let someone control who you are, or your actions or guilt trip you into things all the time or even just try conceal your passion for something you love. Things like that over time are soul destroying and you don’t need that, life really is to short to hold someone so close who suppresses who you are and what you love. I know how challenging on the body and mind it will be to even bare a thought of cutting this person out of your life because you truly cherish them, but let me ask you do you cherish the memories of the good days? in hope that they may come back. The truth just like you people change but sometimes not for the better but let me tell you this letting go is okay and you are strong enough to be alone and find people who admire and adore you for you, letting go of toxic people is hard but you are like a baby bird just about to take its first flight once you let go of that person at first it may seem like challenge and impossible, but my darling once you realise you can do this you will soar.

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4 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Toxic People

    1. I know! I wrote this in hope someone would see it currently going through this and would almost wake up and realise they’re self worth, I wish a younger me would of had blogs to read which would of helped her xx


  1. I went through this too a few years back. It was very hard for me to do because I’d been friends with those people for at least 5 years, but it has to be done and I don’t regret it one bit. I’m happy you were able to move past this point in your life too! x

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