Instagram Weekly Round Up #3

Hello everyone so how was everyone’s week? I am not going to lie in saying this but I had a couple of stress filled days last week with my college work completely vanishing and having to give a presentation to people my anxiety was SKY HIGH, but I ended the week on a positive note as I always do now, anyway its that time of the week again its time for another Instagram weekly round up.

16-22 of January


I started off my week  in the most relaxed way blog planning and drinking my most favourite herbal tea.


I was going for a grunge kinda 90’s vibe with this look I absolutely adore orange eye shadows, like my go to look for eye shadow is probably orange I just feel it suits my skin tone and hair so much better.


2017 is the year of self love for me, I will love every inch of myself come December of this year I was thinking about doing a blog post on self love let me know what you think of that idea.


I don’t think I have ever mentioned Hannah on here before but for anyone who doesn’t know who she is she is a tattoo artist, with the most kindest soul and to be honest shes a bad ass babe. Hannah is a role model for many reasons and it was her birthday last week, I hope to meet her one day just to tell her how much she has changed my life.


Wouldn’t be a weekly round up without a tattoo leg shot now would it? my local Lush store still had some boxing day sale items in store which I was most pleased at, I will be doing a collective haul this up-coming weekend stay tuned.


I actually had breakfast for once normally I skip it and go straight to lunch and I have to say this was the most yum breakfast I have had in a while, also I told you I loved herbal tea.


The valentines day range is back and Lush which makes me most happy, my beloved unicorn horn is now back in my mits.

Lets stay social?


Lush Instagram


As always thank you for reading, until next time.




12 thoughts on “Instagram Weekly Round Up #3

  1. Aw no sorry to hear about your stress with college! I still get dreams where I’m back doing A Levels and haven’t revised for a test! But at least you ended the week on a happy note! That orange eyeshadow looks seriously amazing on you 😍 And you have the cutest blog planner! xx

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