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Instagram Weekly Round Up #5

Its time of the week again where I round up all of my posts of Instagram and share them on my blog, I like to think of it as visual diary.

30-5 Jan/Feb


Last Monday it was my baby sisters 3rd birthday I say baby but shes not so small anymore and it makes me sad I will she could remain small forever, her favourite thing to do is make stuff so I went out and bought so much craft stuff and filled a big box..if you follow me on Snapchat you would of seen her reaction to opening this it was so cute.


Pretty much spent Monday and Tuesday In bed last week due to a kidney infection and that is the main reason I didn’t really go on social media much, I pretty much napped and took baths to make me feel better.


I literally LIVE for this shirt it says on Wednesday we wear black i just love and paired it with a simple velvet skirt, I felt a little more human after getting dressed and doing my makeup and actually going to college.


I pointed this out on my last weekly Instagram round up but my current favourite album is WSTR’s red, green or in-between if  you like any sort of pop punk you should check this album out.


I saw that a pretty local tattoo shop near me was doing a flash Friday walk in so I went and got a little gap filler, I will take a photo of my tattoo once its healed.


I spent £12 on makeup revolution and got a free love the revolution palette, I mean you can’t no to free makeup.

Instagram: Mermaidmoonchild

Twitter: hayleylsuner

As always thank you for reading, until next time.




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