Instagram Weekly Round Up #6

Helloooo everyone! I had the most roller coaster of a week from my baby sister worrying us all to death from being ill to my partner Dylan successful getting his dream job of a tattoo artist well apprentice for now, but this week has well and truly been a symbol of ying and yang I well and truly took the bad with the good.

6-12 Feb


One thing I love doing is spending an evening in the bath just scrolling through Pinterest I love saving photos of future home goals as I call them, so when I do move out I will have all these amazing ideas to work with. As you can tell I love the rustic and plant homes you see on pinterest, I literally can’t wait to have my own home so I can get creative.


Okay it wouldn’t be an Instagram weekly round up without a good old selfie would it? I took this when it was actually SUNNY! can you believe that it literally feels like forever England has seen some sun, for the past couple week I feel like we have been engulfed in fog and rain.


I posted this purely as a throw back post because my theme on my Instagram was lacking some valentine looks, I like to cater my Instagram feed to holidays and seasons just to mix it up a tad.


This was a present from me to Dylan we have always talked about going to the Leeds tattoo convention each year we have known one another but never really got round to picking up tickets and going, this year I thought screw it they’re cheap enough and we get to see tattoo artist from all over the world right on a door step. p.s we always give valentines gifts early that is just how we roll haha.


If you follow me on any form on social media you would have already seen this post a million and one times because well it was a really proud and happy moment for me, Saturday morning Dylan got a phone call the day after he had been interviewed saying he had got the tattoo apprenticeship, I am so proud of him and SO stoked for him to start his dream career for as long as I can remember its all hes wanted.


Want to know how to do the perfect winged liner? look back on my last blog post to see my full honest review of Kat Von D’s makeup!

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As always thank you for reading, until next time.




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