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Body Positive Babes Who Inspire Me

So on Twitter last week I posted two photos side by side of me in 2014 V me now and the only difference was I gained weight I was so much more curvy, but I pointed out on the post that weight gain doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing. I than went on a Twitter rant about how I used to feel at a size 6 Vs how I feel now at a size six I was constantly saying how fat I was and I dreaded the summer, I used to cry on the floor after screaming and literally ripping my hair out because I thought I was ‘ fat ‘. This is was society can do to a persons mind if you let it, now at a happy and healthy size 12 I couldn’t feel better, and I put it down to these beautiful and empowering women in this post.



One of the first women I ever came across on Instagram who showed nothing but love for her curves was Rowen Rose aka Binky La Strange on Instagram, I remember flicking through my explore page on Instagram and Rowen’s beautiful curvy figure popping up at the time I was really struggling with weight gain and loss. But seeing Rowen’s daily self love post really encouraged me to start going out of my comfort zone and wear tight skirt and dresses because well I knew I could rock my curves just like she did, even after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl she still loved her body and thanked it for helping her create a gorgeous healthy little human. One thing I have always dreaded was stretch marks if or when I ever get pregnant but Rowen’s Instagram post made me see stretch marks in a whole new light, she is a goddess and such an up lifting women.

Tanya Burr:

I feel like everyone knows who Tanya is from her ever so popular content on YouTube but Tanya gave me more than entertainment she gave me a confidence boost when it comes to try on hauls and her out of this world holiday photos, Tanya Burr is a curvy women and proud she rocks her curves in all sorts of stylish outfits and seeing this myself as a curvy women with big old thighs and hips it was refreshing and seeing Tanya GLOWING with confidence on her holiday made me look at myself and think hell yeah! I can rock a gorgeous bikini without being a size 0..I am saying this because the media typically brain washes women and men into thinking skinny is the way all women should look like, but here’s the thing there is no wrong way to have a body ALL bodies should be celebrated.


I have been following Megan aka Body Posi Panda on Instagram for a little over a year now and she has enlightened me on how awful the media and society can be towards women, not only that but how it can be dangerous and self destructive on your body and soul. In each and every magazine there is articles talking about the new diet trends or pointing out a celebrities ‘ fat ‘, when I was becoming a teenager this is all I saw this is all I knew this is why I preach body positive now because people like Megan almost lost their lives to an eating disorder through the pressure of wanting to be perfect. Megan is now a body postivie activist online showing herself at her best and worst angles and telling women its okay..and honestly she is one of the most empowering and strong women I have ever come across and I am so thankful she is sharing her story with others because I believe she is saving life’s by doing so.


Little Black Fox much like Binky La strange was one of the first people I came across on Instagram who was showing what they’re momma gave them, literally I am mesmerised by women like herself because we don’t see it in the media enough the way she has normalised stretch marks in her post is inspiring and than I think..I will never ever be ashamed of my stretch marks on my thighs ever again because they’re natural and should not be seen as ugly.  Little Black Fox is like a real life goddess like literally have you seen her Instagram photos? her skin glows and she looks incredible from every angle.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate this women’s magnificent lock of hair truly amazing, I found Goofy Ginger through body posi panda and honest her stories and journey to self love is heart breaking and moving. Honestly her post are like no other she is so strong and brave with everything she has been through and yet to come out on the other side smiling and flaunting her goddess like curves is amazing, how many times have I said amazing in this post? because really this is what these women are. It is so refreshing for me to see women embracing every so called flaw on their body instead of saying it needs improving.


Now if you have been following Grace for a while you would of instantly recognised her old YouTube channel name, Grace to me has been someone who I have looked up to for a long time she has addressed taboo topics about safe sex and periods and quiet literally is the Internets big sister. For the longest time I looked up to Grace for guidance about becoming a women but recently she has helped me realise that my body is worth loving no matter what shape or size my self worth is not defined by it.


I hope this post and these BEAUTIFUL women uplift and empower you just like they have for me, as always thank you for reading and until next time.




15 thoughts on “Body Positive Babes Who Inspire Me

  1. These women are so inspirational, and so are you, Hayley!❤ Thank you so much for making this post! I’m really glad you learned to love your body the way it is, and you look SO amazing and healthy! To love ones natural looks and body, whatever size is such an important message to spread! xx

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  2. Beautiful article. i am a curvy woman and i am embarking on a journey of positivity and loving myself with everything that i have got. Sometimes its really disappointing to know that still curvy women are struggling in the society since there is a lot of criticism on curvy women. I choose to stand for myself and love myself no matter what people may think. Do you mind checking out my blog

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