Instagram Weekly Round Up #7

Helllloooo everyone its that time of the week were I reflect on the past week and round up all my Instagram photographs to go with it, this past week has had is ups and its downs but I have started to tell myself not to let one little thing ruin my whole day but besides that I have had a lovely week shopping and eating..and I have a week off now *screams*

13-19th February


So on Monday Dylan rang me and asked me to come to my bedroom window I was slightly confused but I did it anyway, when I looked out he was standing there holding chocolates and a bunch of roses my heart instantly melted and I feel so bloody lucky. Hes a keeper.


Made this little post for valentines day from me to Dylan each and every time we go to Leeds we always go to the photo booths, we have been doing it for about a year now it’s so strange to see how much we have really changed over the years.


I wish I actually looked like this on that day but instead I was dying off in bed from food poisoning oh the joys! this is a throw back from mine and Dylan’s date night were I well and truly felt amazing about myself..remember self love is important.


This is the lady bird bubble bar from Lush they have the cutest seasonal items and each year they keep getting more and more cuter, it was really hard for me to use this little guy because I did not want to cut it up.


After not wearing makeup in what seems like forever I did this simple orange and gold cut crease and I was living for how awake and refreshed I look, that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss my winged liner.


I finally broke up from college for a week so I have time to do everything like de-clutter my room and just relax, I may still have work but I have my whole day freed up and it feels so great to not feel tired or overworked.


I had a lovely relaxed Saturday with Dylan before he starts full time 9 to 5 work next week, it felt so spring like so we went on a walk and did a bit of charity shopping whilst eating the most amazing food.


I totally forgot to post these amazing prints from Dyl that he bought me for Valentines day, he got me them from an artist called rosey jones, the text around the ship is moose blood lyrics.

As always thank you for reading and until next time,




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