Tattoo Topic: How To Find The Right Tattoo Style For You?

Helloooo everyone and welcome to my new series called tattoo topic, tattoo topic will be a weekly series where I address certain topics with tattoos I will also be interviewing my favourite tattoo collectors about their tattoos. If you have any tattoo related questions than feel free to comment them below and I’ll get round to answering one of them within this tattoo related series, for today I am going to helping you out with finding a tattoo style that is right for you.

If you’re really unsure on what tattoo style to go for I really recommend research, research, research! before you even think of booking with a artist. For me I have always been a lover of solid traditional style old school tattoos and neo-traditional and dot work tattoos, if you have no idea what I am talking about these are the tattoo styles I have on my body and love.


One thing I really recommend to people to get inspired and fall in love with a tattoo style is having a good old binge session on Pinterest, Pinterest is a great platform to create mood boards and really get them creative juices flowing on what you love and don’t love. You can simply search ‘tattoo’ into the search bar and thousands upon thousands of tattoo styles and ideas come up, from this you can really pick and choose what to add to your ‘tattoo board ‘. For me personally I just have a tattoo board filled with traditional flash and other peoples tattoos that inspire me and I love, I am just going to throw this out here DO NOT take someone else’s tattoo design to a artist and have it done line for line its real shitty of you but there is nothing wrong with using it as a reference for your artist to look at and get inspired, but this is a whole other tattoo topic series I will address for you.

Once you have found a tattoo style you love I highly recommend going to Instagram and following some tattoo artist who do this style you love, you can then see on going work by those artist see different pieces and see what you want and don’t want. There are loads of different tattoo styles out there for you to choose from, the two as I have said before that I like the most are traditional and dot work.

If you have any tattoo related questions please them in the comments and I will be sure to answer them for you, as always thank you for reading until next time.








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