Instagram Weekly Round Up #8

Hellllloooo! welcome to another round up I had a week off college with NO WORK AHHHH! for the last couple of months I have been swamped with constant work and had to balance part time work, with education whilst trying to fit my blog content in somewhere, anyway I hope you all had an amazing week let me know in the comments.

20-27th February


You may remember this from my blog post the other day all about body positive babes who inspire me ,I posted it on Instagram the other day featuring some of the lovely women’s Instagram’s.


Since it was my weekend off I thought a well deserved bubble bath and face mask was in order, I picked up this black feel off mask which was great for blackheads and oily skin. This face mask is from Superdrug and only cost me £1, although I got some in my eyebrows and it was a killer to get out…ouch.


I had time to do my hair and makeup for once because usually I only have the time frame of under an hour to get ready for college unless I am in on the evenings, having time to do my makeup without any rush felt amazing and I got a little creative and did a little pink liner using one of Jeffree Stars liquid lipsticks in rose matter.


This was part of my haul I got the other day and the only black thing I purchased was socks, a pat on the back for me because black is my comfort colour and for me to wear pink is rare! I haven’t worn pink in years.


This album was my favourite to listen to last year it helped me through a lot last year when it came to mental health, the album was really calming for me to listen to.


Last but not least my poorly little doggy her old age has been showing a lot more lately because of that I am booking a tattoo soon to get her little face on me.

As always thank you for reading, until next time.




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