Tattoo Topic: Booking/Emailing Your Tattoo Artist

Hello Everyone welcome to another episode of tattoo topic, tattoo topic is a weekly blog series where I address certain topics around tattoos. This weeks episode is all about how to book in with your tattoo artist via email, I have been asked this question before and even helped people booking.

Once you have found your ideal tattoo artist you need to find their email address which with today’s social media it isn’t that hard to find, by simply going on your tattoo artist Facebook page or Instagram they will usually have their contact information in their bio.


I am using Lucy who did my ferret thigh piece as a example because she clearly has her email stated in her bio, along with her location of her studio. Another thing you should take into consideration is making sure your tattoo artist books are open, many tattoo artist have people booked up for months and close and open their books at certain times of the year they will usually post about this on their social media so keep an eye out.

When emailing your tattoo artist always include a subject line that is short and simple but to the point of you wanting to book in, for example I always use ‘tattoo enquiry, tattoo, tattoo booking’ this way your artist clearly knows the email is tattoo related. When it comes to talking about your tattoo there is important information you should always include when you want to book for example sizing how big do you want your tattoo, tattoo artist go by palm size, hand size and then it goes up from that. You should also include placement where are you wanting your tattoo?, if there are tattoos around that area mention that in the email and include a photograph of the space so your tattoo artist knows what they are working with. Finally you should include if you want your tattoo in full colour, or black and grey I have included a example email below to give you a rough idea.

tattoo topic emailing your tattoo artist.jpg


You can always provide reference images for your tattoo artist by attaching them in the email, remember its not cool to steal someone else’s custom tattoo but you can get inspired by it and have the tattoo artist draw something up. Another thing you should note is some tattoo artist have a automatic email, this means the tattoo artist has got your email and the email usually includes a guide line on what to email back again such as place, size, or black and grey.

I hope this helped some of you in some way if you have any question for tattoo topic please comment them below and I will be sure to answer them, as always thank you for reading and until next time.




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