Instagram Weekly Round Up #9

Helllooooo everyone as I explained in my last blog post I have been bed bound due to a nasty kidney infection, it knocked me of my weekly schedule for sure so I apologies for been absent from blogging but I really did need a break to focus on my health I hope you understand.

27-5 Feb/march

callums birthday

On Monday it was my brother’s Callums birthday I really can’t believe he turned 18 this year, hes meant to be a younger brother yet hes 6ft and looks about 23…he makes me look like I am 14 again haha.

me bw

Can’t have a weekly round up without a good old selfie..haha!

pancake day

So it was pancake day last week and I literally didn’t have any pancakes :(! butttt I did have some on the weekend you know only a couple of days late but I stole this photo of Zoella’s Instagram because it made me drool and feel even sadder that I wasn’t having pancakes.

the hobbit

At this point in the week I was really ill and doing nothing but watching YouTube and reading to pass the time, glad I had this classic in my collection it truly is a magical read.

myslef and my tattoos

Come Saturday I felt well enough to attempt to look human again, also I posted this photo because I felt so good about my body and I feel like it is important to document when you feel good and bad. I am really happy with the progression on my sticker leg sleeve, although I am no rush to get it finished as I like to have space in case a really good artist pops up.

How has your week been? as always thank you for reading and until next time.




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