Winter Favourites 2017

Helloooo! everyone I hope you are all doing well sorry I have not been as active as I normally am on here, last Thursday I was rushed to see a doctor over an inflamed kidney and it turns out I had a pretty bad kidney infection I am on medication and well on the way to recovery! Instead of doing a monthly favourites I thought I would do a seasons favourites as I don’t tend to love that many different things a month so this time round its a winter one, these are all the things I have been loving from December up until now.


There are so many beauty items I have been loving this winter that I will probably forget to mention some of them but first up I got loads of Zoella beauty for Christmas this winter and can you actually believe I have never tried her products up until this point? I know shameful. But her cute little mini perfumes have been ideal for throwing in my handbag for college as they don’t take up much space but still smell incredible, and as for her gingerbread scented hand cream it has been a LIFE SAVER for my hands this winter luckily I got two so I don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

Zoella winterzoella 2 winter

Up next of course is makeup I have gone some what make up mad these past couple of months and I think I have Jeffree Star to blame for that one, every time he launches or reviews a new product I am instantly like….I NEED IT. Speaking of Jeffree his beauty brand has been my go to this winter specifically his beauty killer palette and his liquid lipstick in rose matter, another brand I have been living in is sleek I recently found out that they are cruelty free so I went a tad mad and bought a lot of their matte liquid lipsticks and one of their highlighter palettes one of my favourite shades from their matte lipsticks is birthday suit its a perfect pink toned nude, Finally a brand I have been using for years is make up revolution I love their eye shadow formula it just blends effortlessly so I know when they bring out a new palette I won’t be disappointed.

JS winter16426260_10208885316913384_3080042137242934052_n

Would it be a favourites without Lush? I pretty much live in the bath through any season so Lush is a must have but some products stuck out more then others to me this winter and I really can’t get enough of them, one of them is sleepy body lotion it is twilight scented for any of you Lush fans out their  it is a sweet lavender scent and its perfect before bed. My favourite bubble bar of all time is sparkly pumpkin I am currently hoarding about 3 of them and praying they come back next winter.

Lush Winterbaths winter


I am not much of a TV watcher I tend to binge watch YouTubers instead I see that as my form of TV, I have been loving two YouTubers in particular QCKND and Kiera Rose they both have completely different content but I will literally watch any video they upload and look forward to them uploading. I would say QCKND has been my favourite for the past couple of months she does tattoo related content and she inspired my tattoo related blog posts, also she has the cutest cat you should totally check them both out.

qckndkiera rose

As for music there is two albums that I have literally had on repeat none stop the first one is Citizen – youth and the second one is WSTR – red, green or in between. I saw WSTR at the start of this year just after they brought out they’re new album and it was one of the best shows I have been to.



Ever get an item of clothing and live in it? yeah me to these are the items I have loved and lived in the first one is my on Wednesday’s we wear black t-shirt I try not to wear it each Wednesday but its hard when I fall for quirky things, another thing I have been wearing none stop since I bought it last month is this blush pink body suit from H&M.

pink-liner16649059_10208885316433372_5797905514621467892_nclothing winter x

What have you been loving this past winter? let me know in the comments as always thank you for reading, until next time.




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