Tattoo Topic: Interview with Rhiannon Cooke

Helloooo everyone! For this weeks tattoo topic I am going to be interviewing the very lovely Rhiannon, Rhiannon is a 26 year old sewing machinist and tattoo collector. I am wanting to feature more and more men and women on this series to beat the on going stigma against tattoos and tattoos in work.

rhi 10

What inspired you to get tattoos?
Oh gosh! In all honesty I have no idea… I’ve always wanted to get them but for so many years I didn’t know what. In fact I didn’t get my first one until October 2014, I was 24! I’m a late bloomer! I’ve looked into tattooing and the history of it more now than I did before. I’m in awe of the women getting tattooed in the 20’s, 30’s and how they’re bodysuits had so much flow to them, they were so beautiful! They’re inspiring me more with the choices I’m making now. I just wish I’d looked into it more before!

rhi interveiw 3

Does your current job accept them?
I’m quite lucky in this respect as I’m not customer facing, I work in a factory so it’s not really a big thing and I’ve never had to worry about it. I do worry that I might face some trouble if I ever change jobs or where I work in future!

Have you had any problems with getting a job due to your tattoos?
I started getting tattoos after I started my current job so I’ve never really known any different, again I’m quite lucky.

rhi 12

How do people react to your tattoos when they first see them?
If I’m really honest, they can get quite surprised. If they’re all covered up people don’t expect me to have any at all! Mostly if I get any reaction it’s not necessarily tattoos in general, more that most of mine are of naked ladies. I have a lot of boobs on me! I imagine people will react more with how far I want my progress to go. I joke around saying ‘go big or go home!’, I have so many plans and not enough time! Joking aside though, in the beginning I had a bit of friction with my mum over how many I wanted to get and the fact that they were naked ladies. She just didn’t understand why I wanted that. I still bicker over it with her, even now. I’ve had comments like ‘but you were so beautiful before!’, some people just don’t understand and that can be quite hard. My grandma still doesn’t know I have any! I’m waiting for the right time I guess… That’s one reaction I don’t think I’m ready for yet!

rhi 7

What was the first tattoo you got? do you still love it?
I booked in with a man called Dan Morris for my first tattoo, he works at Rain City in Manchester. I got a half mandala sternum tattoo, no colour. I absolutely adore it, I knew straight away I’d started something that was going to be a big part of my life the day I got it.

rhi interveiw

Do you love a certain style of tattoos, if so what?
My styles have definitely changed over the past few years. I started off with Dans style and sort of moved on… as strange as that sounds. I also have 3 by Matt Cooley, 1 by Hannah Snowdon, 1 by Sway. All the rest are by Jemma Jones. I never knew I was interested in a certain style back then. I definitely prefer more traditional now, my back piece is a Rock of Ages one! If anyone isn’t sure what that is they should definitely look it up! There are so many beautiful takes on it, it’s definitely worth looking into. I mostly go to Jemma Jones now though, her style is my all time favourite, she’s who is doing my back. I also personally choose not to get colour tattoos, all of mine are black and grey

rhi 11

Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the near future?
I do indeed! As I’ve mentioned previously, I have some pretty big plans and they will be starting in April this year. Not far off now!

rhi 5
Do you have any favourite tattoo artists? If so who?

Jemma Jones, Rich Hadley, Sway, Joe Ellis, Henry Big, Florian Santus, Austin Maples, Simon Erl… the list is probably endless. There’s so many incredible artists out there today.

How many tattoos do you have?
I have 15 so far.

rhi 9

Has having tattoos made you see yourself any differently?
I think so, my tattoos are beautiful and they make me feel that way too.

rhi 4

What is your favourite tattoo?
I couldn’t possibly decide! I choose one and then change my mind… I’ll go with my little pumpkin pal by Jemma Jones. She’s got the cutest little chubby cheeks ever!

rhi 8

I’d just like to thank the ever so lovely Rhiannon for letting me interview her over her tattoos and career! If you want to follow Rhiannon her Instagram is _rdaxo …DO IT! her Instagram is amazing.

As always thank you for reading and joining me for another tattoo topic, until next time.







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