Life Update: Flowers Always Bloom Back

Hellooo everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have decided to scrap the Instagram weekly round ups and stick to monthly or important life updates, I did like the idea of having a weekly round up but when I had an exciting update for you all I feel like the weekly round already gave it away if that makes any sense? maybe they will return in the future but my blog and content are forever growing and changing which is a good thing.


The past two week have shown the most beautiful signs of spring but they have also been the most challenging and sad two weeks of my life to date, as you may or may not know from past posts my dog has been in and out of the vets since July of last year due to an on going brain tumour. Sadly my dog Cessy lost her fight last Friday and the whole family has been torn apart, we knew she was sick but it was so sudden and no one expected it. I am truly heart broken and will make a whole other post about her, but for now I will remain numb.


My lovely partner has helped a lot these past couple of days if it wasn’t for him I would be probably in a very dark place right now, as all I wanted to do was sleep the days away and not eat. He took me to an art gallery and on a long spring walk, honestly it was so refreshing to feel the spring breeze on my face and see all the world once again exspload with colour as all the flowers grow back.


Spring is a reminder that even though the flowers die in the winter they come back and blossom and raise again, and I to shall blossom and raise again out of this dark part of my life. I am someone is very happy go lucky positive person so I hate feeling lost but then I remembered I am only human and humans have emotions, and its okay to feel every ounce of heart break because in the end you will come out the other side ten times stronger then you started.


As always thank you for reading, until next time.










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