Back To Black: OOTD

Hellooo everyone! So I know I have been away for a while due to personal issues and just wanting a break really, I literally never intend to leave the blogging world because I love it so much so if I go away for a while don’t worry I am probably working on my self care. Anyway I am back with a bang and something new for me anyway, I thought I would do an outfit of the day on this lovely spring day.


As of late I have been trying to introduce colour back into my life and if you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen that I recently branched out to nudes and blush pinks..but as always I go back to black.


So everything I am wearing besides my shoes is Primark I am a sucker for adorable prices and I have noticed Primark have some really great wardrobe staples for under £10, my shoes are converse..I was originally wearing loafers but my god I lost the new shoe battle and my feet couldn’t handle them anymore so I gave up. I finished this look with a belt also from Primark which really tied the look together for me.


The style of pants I am wearing are called clots I am not a fan of the name personally but I feel like these style of pants are perfect for the spring and autumn times of year, they keep you cool yet warm and you are showing the right amount of skin for the season, I paired them with a plain long sleeve also for Primark and some converse to dress them down a bit, but you can always dress these up by pairing them with some heels and a nicer top.


I know this isn’t ‘wow’ high quality photographs but remember this blog is little old me with just my IPhone 5 camera trying to make it work, overall I am pretty pleased with the mini shoot I had, also shout out to my boyfriend for being my little photographer.


My little sister wanted to join in and show her spring garden outfit too..future blogger in the making? maybe! she is adorable and distracted me loads when I was trying to get some outfit shots by copying my poses haha!

Anyway as always thank you for reading, and until next time.




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