Tattoo Topic: Choosing Your First Tattoo

Hellooo everyone! and welcome to another tattoo topic the last couple of tattoo topics I have done have all been based on finding the right tattoo style for you and how to book yourself in for your tattoo, this one is going to be all about choosing your first tattoo and all the do’s and don’ts in my own opinion when choosing your first tattoo.

One thing I say to anyone who comes to me about getting their first tattoo is make sure it is something they have wanted for a while and not a last minute ‘ oh i’m going to get this tattoo tomorrow ‘, its really good to be spontaneous in life but sometimes not with things that are permanent like a tattoo all tattoo’s I have on my body have been planned ahead of time or I have got it because I really appreciate the art style.

myslef and my tattoos

I have tattoos that are deeply meaningful and ones that I just love the art style of and my first tattoo that I had booked was probably the most meaningful tattoo I have on me, and I recommend to people getting a tattoo that means something to them if that be something personal or they just deeply love a certain tattoo style. One thing I don’t recommend is getting a matching couple tattoo with someone as your first tattoo not to be offensive but you never know what the future may hold for you and your partner and if it is just holiday romance then you’re left with a tattoo that will hold a constant reminder of that person and those memories, this would also apply for names of your partner or even friends tattoos are permanent sometimes relationships aren’t and that’s the harsh reality you have to face when considering a tattoo like that.


Another don’t for first time tattoo is getting a tattoo that is on trend I know how super cool it is to get in on trends and fit in and look good on social media, but trends pass and soon enough there will be a new tattoo design trend people need to remember trends are temporary and tattoo’s aren’t. So yeah I recommend getting a tattoo if you’re 100% certain on the design and have been for a while, if you’re not sure on the design make sure the tattoo has some meaning..don’t get a matching couple tattoo as your first and don’t follow trend tattoos!


I created this blog series as a way to give advice and talk about one of the things I am passionate about, I am simply giving advice IN NO WAY am I tattoo expert and I don’t claim to be I just use my tattoo experience to help you guys.

As always thank you for reading, until next time.




6 thoughts on “Tattoo Topic: Choosing Your First Tattoo

  1. I really want to get tattoos but the older I get the more I hesitate! I know I’d absolutely love my tattoos once I got them done – I’m just scared of the change to my body! Hopefully this Summer I’ll take the leap and start planning for my first tattoo…

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  2. I have always wanted to get a small tattoo on my wrist that says Love. The deeper meaning behind it is to be a constant reminder to not be hard on myself and to love myself. It has been at least 5 years now and I still want it, but actually getting it makes me extremely nervous. In the meantime, I just have that word written with pen on my wrist sometimes 😜

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