Tattoo Topic Interview With Emily Kelsey

Heellooo everyone! Today I am going to be coming at you with another tattoo topic but this time with a special guest interview with the lovely Emily Kelsey aka Iamaleafonthewind  over on Instagram. Emily is from Sheffield and currently works as a seamstress in a little clothing alterations shop, but she also runs her own business on the side called Pretty Sins Lingerie where she hand makes harnesses and some bomb ass underwear ( you should totally check her Lingerie out and support smaller businesses ). Emily in her free time loves going to gigs and tattoo conventions, along side tattoos she also loves makeup and shoes as well as colour bright mermaid hair…after following her on Instagram for a couple of years I can say her hair and shoe collection is amazing.

emily 3

1. Do you consider yourself a tattoo collector?
I am most definitely a tattoo collector! I have a list of people I want to get tattooed by, I try and wait until they’re at conventions I’m going to or if they’re guesting closer to where I live. Luckily I managed to tick off quite a few of them last year!
emily 2
2. How did you find out about tattoos/get into the?
 I first started finding out about tattoos properly when I left school and started college. I made a tonne of new friends, some that were older and had started getting tattooed. I like them but I thought it was something I would never get myself. I was more into piercings at that age. It wasn’t until I had started my degree at uni that I considered getting my first tattoo.
3. Does your Job except your tattoos?
 Luckily my job are fine with my tattoos. I did worry when I first had my interview last year, as I’d worked in my previous job over 5 years and wasn’t heavily tattooed when I started there, but thankfully my new employer and coworkers didn’t even question my tattoos.
4. Have you had any trouble with getting jobs in the past due to being tattooed?
 I’ve never had trouble in the past getting jobs with my tattoos but I have only had 3 jobs since leaving university and they’ve all been good about them!
5. What was your first tattoo and do you still love it?
My first tattoo was some lyrics from ‘just like heaven’ by the cure on my ankle when I was 18. I do still love it, it’ll always be one of my favourite songs.
6. What reactions do you get when people see that you’re heavily tattooed?
I get some pretty varied reactions when people see I’m heavily tattooed. There’s usually people who stare and whisper and really need to learn to be more discreet! Haha. I’ve had people stop me in the street or at conventions telling me how beautiful my tattoos are, to complete strangers telling me I’ve ruined my looks and destroyed my body. Each go their own, but I’d never dream of being so rude to someone even if I didn’t like how they looked.
7. Do your tattoos make you feel any differently ( more confident )?
My tattoos do make me feel different. I’ve always dressed and looked ‘quirky’ and the tattoos add to that. My confidence goes up every time I get more as I want to show them off so people can see the amazing pieces I have.
                                                       (harness bra made by Emily )
8. What is your favourite tattoo?
My favourite tattoo has to be my knee peonies from Elliott Wells. I had been wanting them for ages and finally had the chance to book in last year for a day session so I travelled to his studio in Sunderland. They are the pieces I get the most comments on because of the bright colours, and everyone at conventions knows its his work.
interveiw with emily
9. Do you have any favourite style of tattoos, and tattoo artist that you love?
My favourite style of tattoo has to be traditional/neo traditional. That’s what I always seem to go for although I’m open to any style really. There’s loads of tattoo artists I love and I’ve been lucky to get pieces done by some of them. Lucy O’Connell, Jody Dawber, Elliott Wells, and I have a few favourites who I keep going back go for more pieces, Chris Acaster, Paula Castle.
10. What are your future tattoo plans?
My future tattoos plans is a hard one, I have so many! I want to get some gap fillers to finish off my legs, I want to extend my chest piece up onto my shoulders, start a huge back piece. So many ideas!

Thanks to Emily for letting me talk to you about your beautiful tattoo collection be sure to follow her iamaleafinthewind over on Instagram, and as always thank you for reading if you want to be featured on tattoo topic just contact me, or if you have any questions leave them below! until next time.





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