Tanya Burr Pretty Unstoppable Palette Review

Hellooo everyone! today I am going to be finally reviewing the ever so lovely Tanya Burr’s pretty unstoppable palette, I have used this palette and the mini matte lip more then once so I can really give you my full opinion on how it wears through the day.




First up I wanted to talk about the packaging of the palette is a hard cardboard book that is around A5 size the packaging is really sturdy and strong and I can vouch for that as I have travelled with this palette more than once and it has survived every trip, the overall packaging is very simple with a powdered baby blue polka dot theme with a metallic gold in the middle where is has of course Tanya’s and the palettes name. As you open the palette you are greeted with 4 eye shadows, a highlighter, blush and a mini matte lipstick the way that the shades are laid of are really pleasing to the eye and not to mention the cute love heart shaped mirror you also get with this palette which again makes even more great for travelling.




Unfortunately this product was limited edition to Tanya’s Christmas range but I am sure you could find it on Ebay or Depop, I feel like if you’re going away and you want to travel lightly all you would need is this palette book some and some foundation and maybe an eyebrow pencil and that is it as the palette contains everything you need for a simple but fresh and pretty everyday look. This palette retailed for £12 which is SUPER AFFORDABLE!! for what you are getting in terms of products just because you can’t get this palette anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the rest of Tanya’s range in Superdrug because all of her range is super cheap and good value for money, not to mention the mini matte lip in Martha Moo is actually in her original normal range.



Okay now lets down to business are Tanya Burr’s products worth the hype?..the answer is OF COURSE! the eye shadows themselves are very buttery even the matte shades and sometimes matte shades can have loads of fall out and look a little chalky but that’s not the case here, the palette contains two matte shades, one shimmer and one metallic shade all the shades together can create the ultimate smokey eye and all the eye shadows are highly pigmented and blend like butter into your skin the four shades are vanilla sugar, toasted tea cake, chocolate cream and cocoa dust.


As for the blush in first kiss it is a pretty light coral pink shadthat I think would suit a lot of people skin tones, I am not big on blush but when I tried this I really liked it and its good to warm up your face and give your skin some life its not intense but definitely buildable. The highlight in the shade champagne shimmer is very light and suits my skin tone perfectly, I am someone who loves a blinding highlight so when I swatched this I was slightly disappointing but again it is buildable and perfect for someone who is wanting a pretty suitable glow.


Finally the mini matte lip in the shade Martha Moo is a beautiful dusty rose shade that smells like a cupcake which I LOVED, this lip shade dries down completely matte and is so pigmented to the point where I feel like you don’t need a lip liner because once its on its not budging.


Overall I think Tanya’s products stay put all day without any touch ups I also think they are great value for money, and I honestly need to try more of her eye shadow books and lipsticks. Let me know what you think of Tanya’s products and how they work for you! as always thank you for reading and until next time.





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