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You Were A Blank Canvas, Now You Are Art

Hellooo everyone I did a poll on Twitter to see what you wanted more of and the overall result was to talk about body positivity and taboo subjects, this blog post is all about body image and accepting your so called ‘flaws’.


Someone once told me that you when you are born you are a blank canvas and as you grow scars, stretch marks and tattoos ( if you have them ) become the painting of your life. We are all told and shown through the media that are skin should be completely clear, smooth and flawless…when I was 13 I got my first stretch mark on the inside of my thigh I had no idea what they were and they really didn’t seem to bother me until I saw on the TV and through magazines that stretch marks were something you should hide and something that is mocked if you don’t..I was fed through the media that only pregnant women should have them? One day I woke up and realised the expectation of both women and men from the media was unrealistic and everything I wanted to achieve was unachievable well unless I dropped a photo of myself into Photoshop. Can I tell you something that you WON’T see in the media…stretch marks are completely normal and okay to have, most women and men get them through their teenage years as this is when their body is growing and changing the most but for some reason the media had marked having stretch marks as being pregnant or fat…not the case at all my boyfriend is a tall slim build with broad shoulders and his back is covered in stretch marks because why??? Because when he was a teenager he grew not because he was overweight. I have stretch marks on my legs, hips and bum and let me tell you this I love them.
I have multiple scars on my body something you also never see in the media, apparently no celebrity has them? Yeah right. I have scars that are from silly accidents as a child for example on my eyebrow I have a little scar where I flipped my WOODEN CLOG…( thanks mum for the cool style?? ) into my face and it cut open my eyebrow. But then there’s the scars that are self inflicted and I’m not ashamed they’re on my body, I have two scars on left arm that I did when I was having an anxiety attack..I didn’t intended on hurting myself but I felt so numb that I didn’t realise I was scratching and digging my nails into my skin just to feel something.
Tattoos/birth marks/scars/stretch marks are all okay to have they don’t make you any less beautiful, they make you human. Each and every scar, stretch mark or mark on your body paints a story of your life and that makes you unique, some tell stories of strength and weakness, others tell stories of growth from a girl to a women or boy to man.
I took some photos of my stretch marks and ‘flaws’ to go with this blog post and let me tell you it was hard, I am still on a path to self love and I am not saying you will love every scar, stretch mark and lump or bumps over night but I want you to know it’s human to have them and you shouldn’t hide them behind clothing or buy into the idea this magic cream will work because that is exactly what the media wants..they feed and make money off of your insecurities. Just look in the mirror and say something you love about yourself each day, it will help your mind, body and soul if you just look at your body with accepting eyes and realise no one is quite like you and we are all beautiful in many different ways.


As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog, until next time.





9 thoughts on “You Were A Blank Canvas, Now You Are Art

  1. This blog post is incredible, thanking for touching on the subject of the medias preconceivied ideas of how we should look etc. I have a lot of marks on my skin, some re self inflicted and some are natural but at the end of the day i am learning that my body is beautiful and i should embrace it xxxx Btw you are looking gorgeous a usual!

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