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Hellooo everyone I am back I haven’t posted on my blog in over a week and it felt strange I have posted a blog post every week since September of last year, my mum had a serious operation so you can see why I took a week off of blogging family life comes first. Anyway if you know me in real life then you know I LOVE Qcknd aka Amanda over on YouTube and she inspired me to actually create my tattoo topic series on the blog, Qcknd does tattoo talk Tuesday over on her YouTube where she gives tattoo advice on her experiences getting tattooed she is one of my top 3 favourite YouTubers and you should check her out.


1. Do you consider yourself a tattoo collector?

I do consider myself a tattoo collector I love the idea of having a collection of tattoos on my body by different artists I love, I have already been tattooed by 5 different people since I turned 18 I knew I wanted to covered by many tattoos by different artist I love and follow.

2. Do you have a specific tattoo that turned you into a tattoo collector?

I feel like I have always wanted my thigh done but that wasn’t the tattoo that turned me into a collector, what turned me into a collector was when I got my gizmo tattoo at the bottom of my leg and thought how neat it would look if I continued getting my legs tattooed, also the style of tattoo’s I like are traditional and neo-traditional and when I see them on people I always see them in a patch work ‘sleeve’ and since I saw that I was obsessed and wanted it for myself ever since.

qcknd 2

3. What did you have to travel the furthest for and where did you go?

I am yet to brave a long journey to get a tattoo from an artist I love I feel like the thought of getting on a train somewhere and getting the train back after hours of being tattooed for a long train ride just doesn’t feel like my cup of tea, I usually feel pretty tired after a tattoo depending on how big it is but the furthest I have travelled is to Leeds which is a city next to mine so not that far.

4. Where was the closest tattoo you travelled to?

There are about 3 tattoo shops within walking distance of my house and I have visited all of them but the closest I have ever been tattooed is a studio which is literally a 10 min walk away from mine, I was feeling spontaneous and got a walk-in tattoo from their flash day and that’s how I ended up with my seashell tattoo.

qcknd 1.jpg

5. What tattoo artist has tattooed you the most?

The tattoo artist who has tattooed me the most is Danny Potter from cobra club tattoo in Leeds aka Blakstuff over on Instagram he has done my gizmo tattoo, my mermaid tattoo and I am actually booked in to get another tattoo with him this week, I love the idea of being tattooed by loads of different artists but I just keep going back to Danny because I can’t fault his work each tattoo he puts out I love, I love how bold, bright and clean they are and i’m excited to get tattooed by him again.

qcknd 3

6. Any tattoo artist you follow and dream to get tattooed by?

Lots! SO MANY! I have recently booked in with an artist I have been wanting to get tattooed by for a while shes called lone rose tattoo over on Instagram and I am getting tattooed by her at the Leeds tattoo convention super excited about that, some other artist’s are Daryl Watson, Kelly smith, Sway , Adam Hudson and many more I follow so many on Instagram that I have lost track of all the people I want to get tattooed by.


                                       ( Tattoo not on me but by Harriet Heath )

7. Name two tattoos that took the most sessions to complete?

8. A tattoo that took the longest to heal/complete?

I am just going to put 7/8 together because I will give the same answer but the biggest tattoo I have right now is my thigh, it took the longest at 5 and a half hours and it took the longest in terms of healing but I have never had a tattoo big enough where I need more then one session things like my back or my stomach will probably end up taking more then one session because they are a larger area therefore it will take longer.

9. Do you have any tattoo artist the became your friend through tattooing?

I am THE most awkward person when getting tattooed and I find it hard to start up conversations but most tattoo artist just chat anyway and that makes my life 10 times easier because at first I never know what to say, but if I feel most comfortable with Danny Potter because I have been to him more then once and the conversations just flow naturally.

qcknd 4.jpg

10. Do you post pictures of your tattoos or no?

Yes, all. the. time. If you follow me on Instagram you will have most likely seen my tattoo’s I just love them I love the way they look and how they make me feel about myself ,I like to look back on when I had no tattoos to one tattoo to how my body looks now and see how much I have changed.

11. How do you react when people ask to see your tattoos?

I have like two people stop and ask to look at my tattoos before now and I don’t feel awkward and I am happy to engage in a conversation about them as long as the person doesn’t come too close to my personal space, what I mean by that is a stranger physically touching me and my tattoo’s I am not okay with that but more then happy to show them and where I live no one really bothers me over my tattoos I just get the odd stare.

qcknd tattoo.jpg

12. When will your collection be complete?

I have no idea maybe when I tattooed head to toe who knows I am just adding to my collection and when I feel completed that is when I will know I guess, I know for sure I want my legs fully covered as well as my back, stomach and arms so my collection is far from being completed.

As always thank you for reading and until next time,



2 thoughts on “Tattoo Topic: Qcknd’s Tattoo Collectors Tag

  1. Okay, well first of all… you’re gorgeous. Like your whole look… I love it! This was really interesting to read; I have to admit, the prospect of travelling for a tattoo doesn’t appeal to me either. I got the back of my thigh done yesterday and I tried to go out afterwards and was just like…nope, bed is calling! x


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