Tanya Burr Neutral Ambience Collection Review

Hello you lovely lot! last week Tanya Burr released a new makeup line called neutral ambience which contains two lipsticks and two eye shadow palettes, and me being the eye shadow addict I am I bought the two eye shadow palettes to review for you ( and well I wanted them for myself but my excuse was I am reviewing them for my blog ). The eye shadow palettes are called my escape, and my paradise both eye shadow palettes come with 4 eye shadow, in two different colour ranges one is a rose gold peach type ( my paradise ) and the other is a olive green colour scheme ( my escape ) the two other products in the collection which I don’t have unfortunately are lipsticks called bear hug and Sunday walk.


First up I am going to be talking about the eye shadow palette my escape now I have swatched both of these as well as done an eye look for you using all the shades and I have to say my escape is my favourite by far.


The packaging of the my escape palette is very similar to what you see in Tanya’s normal range of eye shadow palettes in terms of the layout, the packaging is very light weight and small which I don’t mind because it makes it easier for travel situations. On the front of the palette is traditional Tanya Burr cosmetics logo and under that is the name of the palette which again is my escape, I LIVE for print on this palette it is this pretty mix of matte and metallic tropical leaf print which is very on trend this spring and summer.



The packing is well suited to the product as the beautiful green leaves on the front of the product it has a beautiful array of browns and greens to portray a tropical Forrest paradise, this palette and the rest of the collection is available on super drug online as well as in store. The one thing I really like about Tanya’s little book palettes is that they are super affordable at the price of  £5.99 and the colours range is neutral enough to suit any skin tone, and any eye colour for example I am very pale and the greens and browns really make my green eyes POP which I love and not to mention I am obsessed with the little leaf embossed onto the eye shadows.



When I first swatched Tanya Burr’s my escape palette I was really surprised at the pigment or lack of it at first when I swatched with my finger and a brush the pigment wasn’t there, but when I started using it on my eyes the pigment was fine and was there sometimes products have an over spray to them which means when you first swatch them not a lot of pigment comes off and I am thinking that is what happened here, the palette contains both mattes and shimmers which I love because then you get to play around with different looks.


The colours wild jungle and master plan are a firm favourite with me, wild jungle is this beautiful olive green with gold shimmer undertones to it which looks simply stunning as a all over the lid colour, and master plan is a deep coco matte that would sit perfectly in the crease. As well as new perspective which is good as a eye shadow base or under brow highlight, and tree tops would make a simply divine transition colour.

tanya burr 2

I feel like this palette is perfect for creating day time and night time looks and you can use the four different shadows to create a more glam look or a more neutral look, me however I am extra with make up so I created this full glam winged liner using all of the eye shadows so I could fully review them for you.

tanya burr 3

I started out using new perceptive as an eye shadow base and then I built it up to make an under brow highlight as these eye shadows are really buildable and blendable, I then used the shade tree tops as my transition colour with it being matte it just melted into my skin like butter, on my outer v of my eye I used master plan as well as running it through my crease to darken it and finally wild jungle was used all over the lid.

tanya burr 4

and this is my finish glam look using the Tanya Burr my escape palette.


Next up I am going to be reviewing the my paradise palette which is this beautiful rose gold packaging cover in metallic pineapples, even though I prefer the khaki my escape palette I really think the rose gold on this one won me over. The name my paradise already makes me think of a golden beach somewhere and packaging takes you to that place with a tropical rose gold feel, as always the palette is quad book palette that contains a mirror which is good for anyone on the go as you can take this light weight palette and do on your makeup on the go.



Again the packaging suits the eye shadow shades so beautifully as the eye shadows are copper, peachy, rose gold goodness which instantly makes you think of a sunset in the summer time. This palette is priced the same as my escape at just £5.99 which is just a bargain if you ask me, the product is very versatile in terms of who it would suit many different skin tones.



I had the same problem with this palette as I did with the other one it terms of pigment pay off at first there wasn’t much but when I started using it properly on my eyes it was buttery goodness to my eyes, this palette contains 3 shimmer shades and 1 matte which work perfectly with one another I also used a little bit of setting spray on a brush to make the shimmer shades POP because they look amazing when you use them both wet and dry, as for the matte shade is it easy to use and not chalky at all like you get with some matte shadows, can we talk about the cute little embossed pineapples I AM LIVING.

tanya burr 1

I feel like this palette alone makes a perfect everyday summer or fall look with the shades being peach based it could easily transition into different seasons such as summer to autumn, I used this palette today to create a autumn inspired look as I am missing the season so much lately. Tranquilly and champagne cocktail are my favourite out of this palette, I started off by using champagne cocktail as a transition colour then I used Miami sunrise to deepen the crease and finished the look by using tranquilly all over the lid.



So that is it overall I think the Tanya Burr palettes are easy to blend, suitable for any skin colour, and very buttery not to mention they retail for £5.99 and would be worth adding to anyone’s make up collection, I feel like the palettes a good for both day and night looks and the packaging just screams perfection.

As always thanks for reading and until next time,




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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes I love Tanya and her make up line is really stunning, thank you for checking out my blog it means the world to me and of course i’ll check out yours


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