Life Update: Festivals, Mental Health & New additions

Hellooo everyone it has been a while since I did a personal post and a life update so as I was sat sipping on some tea and watching the big bang theory I thought I would give you a little update.


Now if you all follow my Instagram – Mermaidmoonchild_  you would have seen that me, Dyl and his family welcomed a new addition…don’t worry it’s not what you think and when the time does come where I am expecting you will know about it first. So everyone meet Luna or LULU for short Dylan’s newest kitty she has lit up my life in so many ways, is animal therapy a thing? because she has helped me through break downs in the last couple of weeks of having her. Dylan’s mum adopted her and I gave her the idea to name her Luna probably cursed us all by doing so as she keeps us up a night with her playfulness, the two other gorgeous and wonderful kittys in my life Betty & Maisie are doing great as well and get just as many snuggles as Luna.


Moving on from the ball of cuteness to mental health it would appear the end of college has taken a tole on my mental health and the panic attacks and constant mini break downs from anxiety have set back in, I have come to terms with this and accepted that seeking professional help from my councillor who I have not seen in over 8 months is not a defeat and its okay not to be okay, getting help doesn’t mean you’ve lost remember that. I am turning 20 this year and I have a month before I leave business college and you know what like most young adults I am panicked over whats going to happen next the unknown scares me the most, I know that I will be okay but worrying over my future is something I have always done.


Lets leave this blog post on a lighter note shall we this past weekend I went to slam dunk festival with some more than amazing people in my life right now I got stupidly drunk and sang my heart out to some of my favourite bands, not to mention I met John from trophy eyes and totally swooned over him..sorry Dyl. I have so much to look forward to like the Leeds tattoo convention with Dylan and Blackpool weekend away in August for my birthday, I think at this point I need to take life as it comes and not worry about what happens next.


As always thank you for reading, and until next time.






5 thoughts on “Life Update: Festivals, Mental Health & New additions

  1. This is so genuine and real and thankyou for that! It always helps me to see that I’m not the only one going through stuff, and that you’re brace enough to actually write about it! Wow! And I totally agree with the animal therapy thing! My dog helps me in so many ways and is always around for kisses and cuddles when they’re needed! 🌸💖

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