Lets Talk Skin Care: Cruelty Free Edition

Hellooo everyone now lets talk about all things skin care, cruelty free skin to exact just over a year and half ago I made the choice to stop eating meat and start working my way to becoming vegan, along side this I also boycotted any companies that tested on animals I find this out dated and barbaric to torture animals for the sake of testing cosmetics and it makes me uncomfortable and I no longer wanted to fund brands that do it.

Anyway I thought I would do a skin care routine posts of products I have been LOVING the past couple of months, I have picked two different brands with a major different price points to show you that both expensive and inexpensive skin products do work, the first brand I am going to be talking about is the skin system this brand is actually ASDA’s own skin care brand you heard me right ASDA has a skin care line that are indeed cruelty free, and very inexpensive, I have three products from this skin care line and I plan on buying the whole line!


First up I am going to be talking about the foaming face wash that has tea tree in it now as my skin is oily I tend to reach for tea tree products as they are amazing at combating the oil and leaving my face refreshed I tend to use this face wash daily and, I have being doing so for the last couple of month and I can say I see a difference my oil build up on my ‘T-zone” is not as bad. The price of this face wash is only £2! can you believe it? honestly it goes to show that you don’t need to spend loads of money to find something that works for, if you are interested in the face wash then you can shop for it here.


Next up I am going to be talking about the skin system micellar water, now pretty much every skin care brand out there has a micellar water now as they have become a major trend in the skin care world as of late, I have been wanting to try one for AGES but couldn’t find one that was A. cruelty free or B. inexpensive.  So when I came across The Skin System I was over joyed to finally try one, and it works again this product was only £2 so really worth trying out instead of gambling on a more expensive product and wasting your money when it doesn’t work, you can shop the micellar water here.


Lets talk moisturises now I went one week without my skin care products as I forgot them at home when I was staying at my partners and all I can say is NEVER underestimate a good old moisturiser as when I went a week without mine my skin just didn’t feel the same it felt dry and oily at the same time and my eye bags were so big you could carry someones shopping on them, the moisturiser I picked up was actually a night cream and a anti – ageing one. This cream is so light weight and absorbs into the skin so effortlessly even though you think it would be heavier as it is a night cream it doesn’t which I love, I also love the scent of this it smells like fresh washing just really clean and refreshing, again this cream is only £2 and you can shop all of ASDA’s skin care here.


Now to talk about my ‘higher end’ skin care which I have mentioned and touched upon them before in a blog post in the past which you can read here, Alumine are completely vegan and cruelty free and have been in my skin care routine since Christmas their pumpkin facial scrub smells good enough to eat and has changed my skin completely and I actually started to realise how important skin care is when I started using this because before hand I didn’t care for it but when I saw a difference when I started using them that’s when I invested in more products, you can shop Alumine here.


If you haven’t already heard I have some exciting news I finally started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! after years of not being on YouTube and giving up I finally plucked up the courage to make videos again I actually have a vlog and spring favourites already up so if you want to check it out I would be forever grateful.


As always thank you for reading and if you have any cruelty free brands you’d like to recommend I would love to hear, until next time.




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