2017 Summer Bucket List

Helloooo everyone! so as you may know or not know yesterday was the first official day of summer, so I wanted to write down my summer bucket list I have never actually done a bucket list before so I wanted to create one now and by the end of the summer I can look back on this post and see how many I managed to do!


  1. Eat ice cream or chips on the beach.


2. Swim in the ocean ( something I have never actually done, I have walked at the edge of the ocean but never been brave enough to go in fully!

3. Go for a picnic on a warm summers evening with the people I love!

4. Go on a paddle boat ( again ) I can kinda tick this one off my list already because I did it this past weekend and it was so much fun that I plan on doing it again & again.

19145706_10210014948273462_2957353556846960715_n (1)

5. Get a new tattoo ( whats new I pretty much always want a new tattoo if I can.

6. Go to a theme park and go a roller coaster, its been years since I went so I would love to go again this summer.

7. Rock my summer clothes with the most positive attitude, last summer is when I truly became body confident and this year will be even better.


8. Take my new puppy on endless amounts of walks, if you didn’t know around two week ago I got a new puppy called Hettie I am in love and I can’t wait for her to be able to go outside.

9. Go summer clothes shopping, or just a big old shopping trip in general.

10. Make a sand castle on the beach, if you can’t already tell I am craving a very British seaside holiday.


11. Have a good old fashioned water fight will water guns & a paddling pool.

12. Go to the cinema or have a home movie night with the family.

13. Go for a woodland summer evening walk.


14. Have a veggie BBQ as you all know I am veggie so I would love to host a BBQ for everyone.

15. Visit an art gallery.

16. Pick fresh berries and bake with them.

And that is it really that’s all I can think of right now but I will be sure to make a mental notes of the things I want to do throughout summer, I also made my first ever vlog so be sure to check that out.



As always thank you for reading and until next time, let me know what some things you plan on doing throughout your summer?




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